Pavel Sasorov
Pavel Sasorov
Senior scientist, Extreme Light Infrastructure ERIC
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Petawatt laser guiding and electron beam acceleration to 8 GeV in a laser-heated capillary discharge waveguide
AJ Gonsalves, K Nakamura, J Daniels, C Benedetti, C Pieronek, ...
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Simulations of a hydrogen-filled capillary discharge waveguide
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State of the metal core in nanosecond exploding wires and related phenomena
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Energy spectrum of particles accelerated in the neighborhood of a line of zero magnetic field
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G Calafiore, A Koshelev, S Dhuey, A Goltsov, P Sasorov, S Babin, ...
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Steady-state radiation ablation in the wire-array Z pinch
EP Yu, BV Oliver, DB Sinars, TA Mehlhorn, ME Cuneo, PV Sasorov, ...
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Phase ordering with a global conservation law: Ostwald ripening and coalescence
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Symmetry-breaking instability and strongly peaked periodic clustering states in a driven granular gas
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Extinction rates of established spatial populations
B Meerson, PV Sasorov
Physical Review E 83 (1), 011129, 2011
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