Prof. Dr. Magd Abdel Wahab
Prof. Dr. Magd Abdel Wahab
Full Professor at Ghent University
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Damage detection in bridges using modal curvatures: application to a real damage scenario
MMA Wahab, G De Roeck
Journal of Sound and vibration 226 (2), 217-235, 1999
Modelling anomalous moisture uptake, swelling and thermal characteristics of a rubber toughened epoxy adhesive
WK Loh, AD Crocombe, MMA Wahab, IA Ashcroft
International journal of adhesion and adhesives 25 (1), 1-12, 2005
A refined quasi-3D isogeometric analysis for functionally graded microplates based on the modified couple stress theory
HX Nguyen, TN Nguyen, M Abdel-Wahab, SPA Bordas, H Nguyen-Xuan, ...
Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering 313, 904-940, 2017
An improved Artificial Neural Network using Arithmetic Optimization Algorithm for damage assessment in FGM composite plates
S Khatir, S Tiachacht, C Le Thanh, E Ghandourah, S Mirjalili, MA Wahab
Composite Structures 273, 114287, 2021
Damage modelling of adhesively bonded joints
CDM Liljedahl, AD Crocombe, MA Wahab, IA Ashcroft
International journal of fracture 141, 147-161, 2006
Isogeometric analysis of functionally graded carbon nanotube-reinforced composite plates using higher-order shear deformation theory
P Phung-Van, M Abdel-Wahab, KM Liew, SPA Bordas, H Nguyen-Xuan
Composite structures 123, 137-149, 2015
Fatigue in adhesively bonded joints: a review
MM Abdel Wahab
International Scholarly Research Notices 2012 (1), 746308, 2012
Improved ANN technique combined with Jaya algorithm for crack identification in plates using XIGA and experimental analysis
S Khatir, D Boutchicha, C Le Thanh, H Tran-Ngoc, TN Nguyen, ...
Theoretical and Applied Fracture Mechanics 107, 102554, 2020
An efficient artificial neural network for damage detection in bridges and beam-like structures by improving training parameters using cuckoo search algorithm
H Tran-Ngoc, S Khatir, G De Roeck, T Bui-Tien, MA Wahab
Engineering Structures 199, 109637, 2019
Structural health monitoring using modal strain energy damage indicator coupled with teaching-learning-based optimization algorithm and isogoemetric analysis
S Khatir, MA Wahab, D Boutchicha, T Khatir
Journal of Sound and Vibration 448, 230-246, 2019
Nonlinear transient isogeometric analysis of smart piezoelectric functionally graded material plates based on generalized shear deformation theory under thermo-electro …
P Phung-Van, LV Tran, AJM Ferreira, H Nguyen-Xuan, M Abdel-Wahab
Nonlinear Dynamics 87, 879-894, 2017
Finite element analysis of fretting wear under variable coefficient of friction and different contact regimes
T Yue, MA Wahab
Tribology International 107, 274-282, 2017
A simple four-unknown shear and normal deformations theory for functionally graded isotropic and sandwich plates based on isogeometric analysis
CH Thai, AM Zenkour, MA Wahab, H Nguyen-Xuan
Composite Structures 139, 77-95, 2016
Porosity-dependent nonlinear transient responses of functionally graded nanoplates using isogeometric analysis
P Phung-Van, CH Thai, H Nguyen-Xuan, MA Wahab
Composites Part B: Engineering 164, 215-225, 2019
Analysis of laminated composite plates integrated with piezoelectric sensors and actuators using higher-order shear deformation theory and isogeometric finite elements
P Phung-Van, L De Lorenzis, CH Thai, M Abdel-Wahab, H Nguyen-Xuan
Computational Materials Science 96, 495-505, 2015
Prediction of fretting fatigue crack initiation and propagation lifetime for cylindrical contact configuration
R Hojjati-Talemi, MA Wahab, J De Pauw, P De Baets
Tribology International 76, 73-91, 2014
Damage identification in reinforced concrete structures by dynamic stiffness determination
J Maeck, MA Wahab, B Peeters, G De Roeck, J De Visscher, ...
Engineering structures 22 (10), 1339-1349, 2000
Fast simulations for solving fracture mechanics inverse problems using POD-RBF XIGA and Jaya algorithm
S Khatir, MA Wahab
Engineering Fracture Mechanics 205, 285-300, 2019
Crack identification method in beam-like structures using changes in experimentally measured frequencies and Particle Swarm Optimization
S Khatir, K Dekemele, M Loccufier, T Khatir, MA Wahab
Comptes Rendus. Mécanique 346 (2), 110-120, 2018
Model updating for Nam O bridge using particle swarm optimization algorithm and genetic algorithm
H Tran-Ngoc, S Khatir, G De Roeck, T Bui-Tien, L Nguyen-Ngoc, ...
Sensors 18 (12), 4131, 2018
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