Boštjan Murovec
Boštjan Murovec
Professor of electrical engineering, University of Ljubljana
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Recently deglaciated high-altitude soils of the Himalaya: diverse environments, heterogenous bacterial communities and long-range dust inputs from the upper troposphere
B Stres, WJ Sul, B Murovec, JM Tiedje
PloS one 8 (9), e76440, 2013
A repairing technique for the local search of the job-shop problem
B Murovec, P Šuhel
European Journal of Operational Research 153 (1), 220-238, 2004
Hypoxia and inactivity related physiological changes (constipation, inflammation) are not reflected at the level of gut metabolites and butyrate producing microbial community …
R Šket, N Treichel, T Debevec, O Eiken, I Mekjavic, M Schloter, M Vital, ...
Frontiers in Physiology 8, 250, 2017
Methane yield database: online infrastructure and bioresource for methane yield data and related metadata
B Murovec, S Kolbl, B Stres
Bioresource Technology 189, 217-223, 2015
Intestinal metagenomes and metabolomes in healthy young males: inactivity and hypoxia generated negative physiological symptoms precede microbial dysbiosis
R Šket, T Debevec, S Kublik, M Schloter, A Schoeller, B Murovec, ...
Frontiers in Physiology 9, 198, 2018
Hypoxia and inactivity related physiological changes precede or take place in absence of significant rearrangements in bacterial community structure: The PlanHab randomized …
R Šket, N Treichel, S Kublik, T Debevec, O Eiken, I Mekjavić, M Schloter, ...
PloS one 12 (12), e0188556, 2017
1H NMR metabolomics of microbial metabolites in the four MW agricultural biogas plant reactors: A case study of inhibition mirroring the acute rumen acidosis symptoms
B Murovec, D Makuc, SK Repinc, Z Prevoršek, D Zavec, R Šket, K Pečnik, ...
Journal of environmental management 222, 428-435, 2018
BEsTRF: a tool for optimal resolution of terminal-restriction fragment length polymorphism analysis based on user-defined primer–enzyme–sequence databases
B Stres, JM Tiedje, B Murovec
Bioinformatics 25 (12), 1556-1558, 2009
Computational framework for high-quality production and large-scale evolutionary analysis of metagenome assembled genomes
B Murovec, L Deutsch, B Stres
Molecular biology and evolution 37 (2), 593-598, 2020
A USB-based data acquisition system designed for educational purposes
B Murovec, S Kocijancic
International journal of engineering education 20 (1), 24-30, 2004
Educational data acquisition system with USB interface
B Murovec, S Kocijancic
The IEEE Region 8 EUROCON 2003. Computer as a Tool. 1, 490-494, 2003
A concept to optimize power consumption in smart homes based on demand-side management and using smart switches
J Moenik, M Gornik, B Murovec, A Zemva
Electrotechnical Review 80 (5), 217-221, 2013
Towards commoditized smart-camera design
B Murovec, J Perš, VS Kenk, S Kovačič
Journal of Systems Architecture 59 (10), 847-858, 2013
New primer combinations with comparable melting temperatures detecting highest numbers of nosz sequences from sequence databases
B Stres, B Murovec
Acta agriculturae Slovenica 94 (2), 139–142-139–142, 2009
Exercise and Interorgan Communication: Short-Term Exercise Training Blunts Differences in Consecutive Daily Urine 1H-NMR Metabolomic Signatures between …
L Deutsch, A Sotiridis, B Murovec, J Plavec, I Mekjavic, T Debevec, ...
Metabolites 12 (6), 473, 2022
Job-shop local-search move evaluation without direct consideration of the criterion’s value
B Murovec
European Journal of Operational Research 241 (2), 320-329, 2015
Ocena stanja tehniškega izobraževanja v Sloveniji in predlogi za izboljšave
S Kocijančič, R Vaupotič, I Prešeren, A Papotnik, F Florjančič, ...
Acta chimica slovenica 58 (1), S9-S10, 2011
Računalniška integracija proizvodnje
P Šuhel, B Murovec
Gorenje, Izobraževalni center, 2003
A concept to optimize power consumption in smart homes based on demand-side management and using smart switches/Koncept optimizacije porabe elektricne energije v pametni hisi z …
J Mocnik, M Gornik, B Murovec, A Zemva
Elektrotehniski Vestnik 80 (5), 217, 2013
Differences in melting temperatures of degenerated oligonucleotides targetting nitrous oxide reductase (nosz) genes
B Stres, B Murovec
Acta agriculturae Slovenica 92 (1), 75–82-75–82, 2008
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