Radovan Stojanovic
Radovan Stojanovic
University of Montenegro
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Real-time vision-based system for textile fabric inspection
R Stojanovic, P Mitropulos, C Koulamas, Y Karayiannis, S Koubias, ...
Real-Time Imaging 7 (6), 507-518, 2001
Defect detection and classification on web textile fabric using multiresolution decomposition and neural networks
YA Karayiannis, R Stojanovic, P Mitropoulos, C Koulamas, T Stouraitis, ...
Electronics, Circuits and Systems, 1999. Proceedings of ICECS'99. The 6th …, 1999
A LED–LED-based photoplethysmography sensor
R Stojanovic, D Karadaglic
Physiological measurement 28 (6), N19, 2007
An architecture for the VLSI design of systems for time-frequency analysis and time-varying filtering
S Stanković, L Stanković, V Ivanović, R Stojanović
Annales des Telecommunications 57 (9-10), 974-995, 2002
Multiple-clock-cycle architecture for the VLSI design of a system for time-frequency analysis
VN Ivanović, R Stojanović, LJ Stanković
EURASIP journal on applied signal processing 2006, 70-70, 2006
A FPGA system for QRS complex detection based on Integer Wavelet Transform
R Stojanović, D Karadaglić, M Mirković, D Milošević
Measurement Science Review 11 (4), 131-138, 2011
Real-time vision system for defect detection and neural classification of web textile fabric
P Mitropoulos, C Koulamas, RD Stojanovic, S Koubias, ...
Machine Vision Applications in Industrial Inspection VII 3652, 59-70, 1999
An approach for automated inspection of wood boards
S Radovan, P George, M Panagiotis, G Manos, A Robert, D Igor
Image Processing, 2001. Proceedings. 2001 International Conference on 1, 798-801, 2001
Bluetooth-based approach to monitoring biomedical signals
Z Tafa, R Stojanovic
WSEAS Transactions on Business and Economics 2 (3), 75-80, 2006
Speech-controlled cloud-based wheelchair platform for disabled persons
A Škraba, R Stojanović, A Zupan, A Koložvari, D Kofjač
Microprocessors and Microsystems 39 (8), 819-828, 2015
An efficient hardware design of the flexible 2-D system for space/spatial-frequency signal analysis
VN Ivanovic, RD Stojanovic
IEEE transactions on signal processing 55 (6), 3116-3125, 2007
Optimization and implementation of the wavelet based algorithms for embedded biomedical signal processing
R Stojanović, S Knežević, D Karadaglić, G Devedžić
Computer Science and Information Systems 10 (1), 503-523, 2013
Design of an oximeter based on LED-LED configuration and FPGA technology
R Stojanovic, D Karadaglic
Sensors 13 (1), 574-586, 2013
Prototype of speech controlled cloud based wheelchair platform for disabled persons
A Škraba, A Koložvari, D Kofjač, R Stojanović
Embedded Computing (MECO) 3rd Mediterranean Conference on, 162-165, 2014
Automated detection and neural classification of local defects in textile web
R Stojanovic, P Mitropulos, C Koulamas, S Koubias, G Papadopoulos, ...
IEE conference publication 2, 647-651, 1999
Streaming pulse data to the cloud with bluetooth LE or NODEMCU ESP8266
A Škraba, A Koložvari, D Kofjač, R Stojanović, V Stanovov, E Semenkin
Embedded Computing (MECO), 2016 5th Mediterranean Conference on, 428-431, 2016
Geospatial visual analytics
R De Amicis, G Conti, S Piffer, B Simões
GeoSpatial Visual Analytics, 265-286, 2009
Wireless patient monitoring for the e-inclusion of chronic patients and elderly people
K Perakis, M Haritou, R Stojanovic, B Asanin, D Koutsouris
Proceedings of the 1st international conference on PErvasive Technologies …, 2008
On line ECG processing and visualization using Android smartphone
N Filipović, R Stojanović, M Debevc, G Devedžić
Embedded Computing (MECO), 2013 2nd Mediterranean Conference on, 93-96, 2013
Developing curriculum in bioengineering and medical informatics at Western Balkan Universities
G Devedžić, R Stojanović, Z Bundalo, D Shepherd, S Petrović, ...
Embedded Computing (MECO), 2013 2nd Mediterranean Conference on, 274-279, 2013
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