Qi Zhang
Qi Zhang
Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science, University of Minnesota
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Recent advances in mathematical programming techniques for the optimization of process systems under uncertainty
IE Grossmann, RM Apap, BA Calfa, P García-Herreros, Q Zhang
Computers & Chemical Engineering 91, 3-14, 2016
Air separation with cryogenic energy storage: optimal scheduling considering electric energy and reserve markets
Q Zhang, IE Grossmann, CF Heuberger, A Sundaramoorthy, JM Pinto
AIChE Journal 61 (5), 1547-1558, 2015
Sustainable supply chain optimisation: An industrial case study
Q Zhang, N Shah, J Wassick, R Helling, P Van Egerschot
Computers & Industrial Engineering 74, 68-83, 2014
Enterprise-wide optimization for industrial demand side management: Fundamentals, advances, and perspectives
Q Zhang, IE Grossmann
Chemical Engineering Research and Design 116, 114-131, 2016
An adjustable robust optimization approach to scheduling of continuous industrial processes providing interruptible load
Q Zhang, MF Morari, IE Grossmann, A Sundaramoorthy, JM Pinto
Computers & Chemical Engineering 86, 106-119, 2016
A discrete-time scheduling model for continuous power-intensive process networks with various power contracts
Q Zhang, A Sundaramoorthy, IE Grossmann, JM Pinto
Computers & Chemical Engineering 84, 382-393, 2016
Expanding scope and computational challenges in process scheduling
PM Castro, IE Grossmann, Q Zhang
Computers & Chemical Engineering 114, 14-42, 2018
Planning and scheduling for industrial demand side management: advances and challenges
Q Zhang, IE Grossmann
Alternative energy sources and technologies: process design and operation …, 2016
On the Relation Between Flexibility Analysis and Robust Optimization for Linear Systems
Q Zhang, IE Grossmann, RM Lima
AIChE Journal 62 (9), 3109-3123, 2016
Data-driven construction of Convex Region Surrogate models
Q Zhang, IE Grossmann, A Sundaramoorthy, JM Pinto
Optimization and Engineering 17 (2), 289-332, 2016
Risk-based integrated production scheduling and electricity procurement for continuous power-intensive processes
Q Zhang, JL Cremer, IE Grossmann, A Sundaramoorthy, JM Pinto
Computers & Chemical Engineering 86, 90-105, 2016
Multiscale production routing in multicommodity supply chains with complex production facilities
Q Zhang, A Sundaramoorthy, IE Grossmann, JM Pinto
Computers & Operations Research 79, 207-222, 2017
Integrated design and operation of renewables-based fuels and power production networks
Q Zhang, M Martín, IE Grossmann
Computers & Chemical Engineering 122, 80-92, 2019
Renewable ammonia for sustainable energy and agriculture: vision and systems engineering opportunities
MJ Palys, H Wang, Q Zhang, P Daoutidis
Current Opinion in Chemical Engineering 31, 100667, 2021
The Catalytic Mechanics of Dynamic Surfaces: Stimulating Methods for Promoting Catalytic Resonance
M Shetty, A Walton, SR Gathmann, MA Ardagh, J Gopeesingh, J Resasco, ...
ACS Catalysis 10 (21), 12666-12695, 2020
Catalytic resonance theory: parallel reaction pathway control
MA Ardagh, M Shetty, A Kuznetsov, Q Zhang, P Christopher, DG Vlachos, ...
Chemical Science 11 (13), 3501-3510, 2020
Catalytic resonance theory: superVolcanoes, catalytic molecular pumps, and oscillatory steady state
MA Ardagh, T Birol, Q Zhang, OA Abdelrahman, PJ Dauenhauer
Catalysis Science & Technology 9 (18), 5058-5076, 2019
Mathematical programming techniques for optimization under uncertainty and their application in process systems engineering
IE Grossmann, RM Apap, BA Calfa, P Garcia-Herreros, Q Zhang
Theoretical Foundations of Chemical Engineering 51, 893-909, 2017
Dynamic location of modular manufacturing facilities with relocation of individual modules
A Allman, Q Zhang
European Journal of Operational Research 286 (2), 494-507, 2020
Long-term electricity procurement for large industrial consumers under uncertainty
Q Zhang, AM Bremen, IE Grossmann, JM Pinto
Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 57 (9), 3333-3347, 2018
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