Thomas Edward Martin
Thomas Edward Martin
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Mammal and bird species held in zoos are less endemic and less threatened than their close relatives not held in zoos
TE Martin, H Lurbiecki, JB Joy, AO Mooers
Animal Conservation 17 (2), 89-96, 2014
Tropical forest canopies and their relationships with climate and disturbance: results from a global dataset of consistent field-based measurements
M Pfeifer, A Gonsamo, W Woodgate, L Cayuela, AR Marshall, A Ledo, ...
Forest Ecosystems 5 (1), 1-14, 2018
Impacts of tropical forest disturbance upon avifauna on a small island with high endemism: implications for conservation
TE Martin, GA Blackburn
Conservation and Society 8 (2), 127-139, 2010
The avifauna of Lambusango Forest Reserve, Buton Island, south-east Sulawesi, with additional sightings from southern Buton
TE Martin, DJ Kelly, NT Keogh, D Heriyadi, HA Singer, GA Blackburn
Forktail 28, 107-112, 2012
The effectiveness of a Mesoamerican ‘paper park’in conserving cloud forest avifauna
TE Martin, GA Blackburn
Biodiversity and conservation 18 (14), 3841, 2009
Conservation value of secondary forest habitats for endemic birds, a perspective from two widely separated tropical ecosystems
TE Martin, GA Blackburn
Ecography 37 (3), 250-260, 2014
‘Lost’ taxa and their conservation implications
TE Martin, GC Bennett, A Fairbairn, AO Mooers
Animal Conservation, 2022
Global representation of threatened amphibians ex situ is bolstered by non‐traditional institutions, but gaps remain
A Biega, DA Greenberg, AO Mooers, OR Jones, TE Martin
Animal Conservation 20 (2), 113-119, 2017
Threatened and extinct island endemic birds of the world: Distribution, threats and functional diversity
TJ Matthews, JP Wayman, P Cardoso, F Sayol, JP Hume, W Ulrich, ...
Journal of Biogeography 49 (11), 1920-1940, 2022
Community Perceptions of the Crop-Feeding Buton Macaque (Macaca ochreata brunnescens): an Ethnoprimatological Study on Buton Island, Sulawesi
J Hardwick, NEC Priston, TE Martin, DG Tosh, AH Mustari, K Abernathy
International Journal of Primatology, 2017
Variability in the effectiveness of two ornithological survey methods between tropical forest ecosystems
TE Martin, J Nightingale, J Baddams, J Monkhouse, A Kaban, ...
PloS one 12 (1), e0169786, 2017
Distribution and status of threatened and endemic marsupials on the offshore islands of south-east Sulawesi, Indonesia
TE Martin, J Monkhouse, DP O'Connell, K Analuddin, A Karya, ...
Australian Mammalogy 41 (1), 76-81, 2019
Molecular-based Diversity Studies and Field Surveys Are Not Mutually Exclusive: On The Importance of Integrated Methodologies in Mycological Research
J Cazabonne, L Bartrop, G Dierickx, Y Gafforov, TA Hofmann, T Martin, ...
Frontiers in Fungal Biology, 10, 2022
The herpetofauna of central Uzbekistan
TE Martin, M Guillemin, V Nivet-Mazerolles, C Landsmann, J Dubos, ...
Amphibian and Reptile Conservation 11 (1), 93-107, 2017
A review of the ecological value of Cusuco National Park an urgent call for conservation action in a highly threatened Mesoamerican cloud forest
T Martin, S Jones, H Hoskins, N McCann, S BATKE, D Kelly, J Kolby, ...
Journal of Mesoamerican Biology 1 (1), 6-50, 2021
Identifying the drivers of spatial taxonomic and functional beta-diversity of British breeding birds
JP Wayman, JP Sadler, TAM Pugh, TE Martin, JA Tobias, TJ Matthews
Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution 9, 620062, 2021
Pioneering a fungal inventory at Cusuco National Park, Honduras
D Haelewaters, N Schoutteten, P Medina-van Berkum, TE Martin, ...
Journal of Mesoamerican Biology 1 (1), 112-132, 2021
New records from Buton Island, Sulawesi, Indonesia
T Martin, S Kelly, G Froese, J Brodie, Y Mulyani, D Kelly
BirdingASIA 23 (1), 128, 2015
Adapt taxonomy to conservation goals
DP O'Connell, DJ Kelly, K Analuddin, A Karya, NM Marples, TE Martin
Science 369 (6508), 1172, 2020
An assessment of the avifauna of the Wakatobi Islands, South-east Sulawesi, Indonesia: species recorded and taxonomic considerations
DP O'Connell, DJ Kelly, SBA Kelly, K Analuddin, A Karya, NM Marples, ...
Raffles Bulletin of Zoology 68, 574-587, 2020
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