Tomislav Puksec
Tomislav Puksec
Asst. Prof. University of Zagreb, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Atchitecture
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Zero carbon energy system of South East Europe in 2050
DF Dominković, I Bačeković, B Ćosić, G Krajačić, T Pukšec, N Duić, ...
Applied energy 184, 1517-1528, 2016
Integration of transport and energy sectors in island communities with 100% intermittent renewable energy sources
H Dorotić, B Doračić, V Dobravec, T Pukšec, G Krajačić, N Duić
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Green biomass to biogas–A study on anaerobic digestion of residue grass
R Bedoić, L Čuček, B Ćosić, D Krajnc, G Smoljanić, Z Kravanja, D Ljubas, ...
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Agent based modelling and energy planning–Utilization of MATSim for transport energy demand modelling
T Novosel, L Perković, M Ban, H Keko, T Pukšec, G Krajačić, N Duić
Energy 92, 466-475, 2015
A review of developments in technologies and research that have had a direct measurable impact on sustainability considering the Paris agreement on climate change
A Foley, BM Smyth, T Pukšec, N Markovska, N Duić
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 68, 835-839, 2017
Integration of renewables and reverse osmosis desalination–Case study for the Jordanian energy system with a high share of wind and photovoltaics
T Novosel, B Ćosić, T Pukšec, G Krajačić, N Duić, BV Mathiesen, H Lund, ...
Energy 92, 270-278, 2015
Hourly optimization and sizing of district heating systems considering building refurbishment–Case study for the city of Zagreb
M Pavičević, T Novosel, T Pukšec, N Duić
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The influence of reverse osmosis desalination in a combination with pump storage on the penetration of wind and PV energy: A case study for Jordan
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Multi-objective optimization of district heating and cooling systems for a one-year time horizon
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Forecasting long-term energy demand of Croatian transport sector
T Pukšec, G Krajačić, Z Lulić, BV Mathiesen, N Duić
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Economical, environmental and exergetic multi-objective optimization of district heating systems on hourly level for a whole year
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Wind energy integration into future energy systems based on conventional plants–The case study of Croatia
T Cerovac, B Ćosić, T Pukšec, N Duić
Applied energy 135, 643-655, 2014
Assessing the impact of energy saving measures on the future energy demand and related GHG (greenhouse gas) emission reduction of Croatia
T Pukšec, BV Mathiesen, T Novosel, N Duić
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Potentials for energy savings and long term energy demand of Croatian households sector
T Pukšec, BV Mathiesen, N Duić
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The integration of renewable energy sources and electric vehicles into the power system of the Dubrovnik region
A Šare, G Krajačić, T Pukšec, N Duić
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Opportunities and challenges: Experimental and kinetic analysis of anaerobic co-digestion of food waste and rendering industry streams for biogas production
R Bedoić, A Špehar, J Puljko, L Čuček, B Ćosić, T Pukšec, N Duić
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Impact of wind penetration in electricity markets on optimal power-to-heat capacities in a local district heating system
H Dorotić, M Ban, T Pukšec, N Duić
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Long term energy demand projection and potential for energy savings of Croatian tourism–catering trade sector
B Irsag, T Pukšec, N Duić
Energy 48 (1), 398-405, 2012
A Geographical Information System (GIS) based approach for assessing the spatial distribution and seasonal variation of biogas production potential from agricultural residues …
A Lovrak, T Pukšec, N Duić
Applied energy 267, 115010, 2020
Analysis of displacing natural gas boiler units in district heating systems by using multi-objective optimization and different taxing approaches
H Dorotić, T Pukšec, N Duić
Energy Conversion and Management 205, 112411, 2020
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