Satyendra Tomar
Satyendra Tomar
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IETI–isogeometric tearing and interconnecting
SK Kleiss, C Pechstein, B Jüttler, S Tomar
Computer methods in applied mechanics and engineering 247, 201-215, 2012
Weakening the tight coupling between geometry and simulation in isogeometric analysis: From sub‐and super‐geometric analysis to Geometry‐Independent Field approximaTion (GIFT)
E Atroshchenko, S Tomar, G Xu, SPA Bordas
International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering 114 (10), 1131-1159, 2018
Multigrid methods for isogeometric discretization
KPS Gahalaut, JK Kraus, SK Tomar
Computer methods in applied mechanics and engineering 253, 413-425, 2013
Real-time error control for surgical simulation
HP Bui, S Tomar, H Courtecuisse, S Cotin, SPA Bordas
IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering 65 (3), 596-607, 2017
On the convergence of stresses in fretting fatigue
K Pereira, S Bordas, S Tomar, R Trobec, M Depolli, G Kosec, ...
Materials 9 (8), 639, 2016
Functional a posteriori error estimates for discontinuous Galerkin approximations of elliptic problems
R Lazarov, S Repin, SK Tomar
Numerical Methods for Partial Differential Equations 25 (4), 952-971, 2009
Quantifying discretization errors for soft tissue simulation in computer assisted surgery: A preliminary study
M Duprez, SPA Bordas, M Bucki, HP Bui, F Chouly, V Lleras, C Lobos, ...
Applied Mathematical Modelling 77, 709-723, 2020
Adaptive isogeometric analysis for plate vibrations: an efficient approach of local refinement based on hierarchical a posteriori error estimation
P Yu, C Anitescu, S Tomar, SPA Bordas, P Kerfriden
Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering 342, 251-286, 2018
Corotational cut finite element method for real-time surgical simulation: Application to needle insertion simulation
HP Bui, S Tomar, SPA Bordas
Computer methods in applied mechanics and engineering 345, 183-211, 2019
Controlling the error on target motion through real‐time mesh adaptation: applications to deep brain stimulation
HP Bui, S Tomar, H Courtecuisse, M Audette, S Cotin, SPA Bordas
International journal for numerical methods in biomedical engineering 34 (5 …, 2018
Guaranteed and sharp a posteriori error estimates in isogeometric analysis
SK Kleiss, SK Tomar
Computers & Mathematics with Applications 70 (3), 167-190, 2015
Taylor-series expansion based numerical methods: a primer, performance benchmarking and new approaches for problems with non-smooth solutions
T Jacquemin, S Tomar, K Agathos, S Mohseni-Mofidi, SPA Bordas
Archives of Computational Methods in Engineering 27, 1465-1513, 2020
A multilevel method for discontinuous Galerkin approximation of three‐dimensional anisotropic elliptic problems
JK Kraus, SK Tomar
Numerical Linear Algebra with Applications 15 (5), 417-438, 2008
Efficient computable error bounds for discontinuous Galerkin approximations of elliptic problems
SK Tomar, SI Repin
Journal of computational and applied mathematics 226 (2), 358-369, 2009
Multilevel preconditioning of two-dimensional elliptic problems discretized by a class of discontinuous Galerkin methods
JK Kraus, SK Tomar
SIAM journal on scientific computing 30 (2), 684-706, 2008
Weak and strong from meshless methods for linear elastic problem under fretting contact conditions
G Kosec, J Slak, M Depolli, R Trobec, K Pereira, S Tomar, T Jacquemin, ...
Tribology International 138, 392-402, 2019
h-p Spectral Element Method for Elliptic Problems on Non-smooth Domains Using Parallel Computers
SK Tomar
Computing 78, 117-143, 2006
Algebraic multilevel preconditioning in isogeometric analysis: Construction and numerical studies
KPS Gahalaut, SK Tomar, JK Kraus
Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering 266, 40-56, 2013
Discontinuous Galerkin method for linear free-surface gravity waves
JJW van der Vegt, SK Tomar
Journal of scientific computing 22, 531-567, 2005
Stability estimates for hp spectral element methods for general elliptic problems on curvilinear domains
P Dutt, S Tomar
Proceedings of the Indian Academy of Sciences-Mathematical Sciences 113, 395-429, 2003
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