Ximena Nelson
Ximena Nelson
School of Biological Sciences, University of Canterbury
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A spider that feeds indirectly on vertebrate blood by choosing female mosquitoes as prey
RR Jackson, XJ Nelson, GO Sune
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Effects of introducing threatened falcons into vineyards on abundance of passeriformes and bird damage to grapes
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Innate aversion to ants (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) and ant mimics: experimental findings from mantises (Mantodea)
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Alpine flora may depend on declining frugivorous parrot for seed dispersal
LM Young, D Kelly, XJ Nelson
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A predator from East Africa that chooses malaria vectors as preferred prey
XJ Nelson, RR Jackson
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Positive emotional contagion in a New Zealand parrot
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The use of visual media as a tool for investigating animal behaviour
XJ Nelson, N Fijn
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XJ Nelson, RR Jackson, GB Edwards, AT Barrion
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Hyperacute motion detection by the lateral eyes of jumping spiders
DB Zurek, XJ Nelson
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Alarm calling best predicts mating and reproductive success in ornamented male fowl, Gallus gallus
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Compound mimicry and trading predators by the males of sexually dimorphic Batesian mimics
XJ Nelson, RR Jackson
Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 273 (1584), 367-372, 2006
Receiver psychology and the design of the deceptive caudal luring signal of the death adder
XJ Nelson, DT Garnett, CS Evans
Animal Behaviour 79 (3), 555-561, 2010
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