Hiroyuki Sorimachi
Hiroyuki Sorimachi
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Structure and physiological function of calpains
H Sorimachi, S Ishiura, K Suzuki
Biochemical Journal 328 (3), 721-732, 1997
Calpain: new perspectives in molecular diversity and physiological‐pathological involvement
TC Saido, H Sorimachi, K Suzuki
The FASEB Journal 8 (11), 814-822, 1994
Structure, activation, and biology of calpain
K Suzuki, S Hata, Y Kawabata, H Sorimachi
Diabetes 53 (suppl_1), S12-S18, 2004
Molecular cloning of a novel mammalian calcium-dependent protease distinct from both m-and μ-types: specific expression of the mRNA in skeletal muscle
H Sorimachi, S Imajoh-Ohmi, Y Emori, H Kawasaki, S Ohno, Y Minami, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 264 (33), 20106-20111, 1989
Identification of muscle specific ring finger proteins as potential regulators of the titin kinase domain
T Centner, J Yano, E Kimura, AS McElhinny, K Pelin, CC Witt, ML Bang, ...
Journal of molecular biology 306 (4), 717-726, 2001
The crystal structure of calcium-free human m-calpain suggests an electrostatic switch mechanism for activation by calcium
S Strobl, C Fernandez-Catalan, M Braun, R Huber, H Masumoto, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 97 (2), 588-592, 2000
Muscle assembly: a titanic achievement?
CC Gregorio, H Granzier, H Sorimachi, S Labeit
Current opinion in cell biology 11 (1), 18-25, 1999
Muscle-specific Calpain, p94, Responsible for Limb Girdle Muscular Dystrophy Type 2A, Associates with Connectin through IS2, a p94-specific Sequence (∗)
H Sorimachi, K Kinbara, S Kimura, M Takahashi, S Ishiura, N Sasagawa, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 270 (52), 31158-31162, 1995
Calpains—An elaborate proteolytic system
Y Ono, H Sorimachi
Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA)-Proteins and Proteomics 1824 (1), 224-236, 2012
Membrane-anchored metalloprotease MDC9 has an α-secretase activity responsible for processing the amyloid precursor protein
H Koike, S Tomioka, H Sorimachi, TC Saido, K Maruyama, A Okuyama, ...
Biochemical Journal 343 (2), 371-375, 1999
The NH2 Terminus of Titin Spans the Z-Disc: Its Interaction with a Novel 19-kD Ligand (T-cap) Is Required for Sarcomeric Integrity
CC Gregorio, K Trombitás, T Centner, B Kolmerer, G Stier, K Kunke, ...
The Journal of cell biology 143 (4), 1013-1027, 1998
The structure of calpain
H Sorimachi, K Suzuki
The Journal of Biochemistry 129 (5), 653-664, 2001
Myopalladin, a novel 145-kilodalton sarcomeric protein with multiple roles in Z-disc and I-band protein assemblies
ML Bang, RE Mudry, AS McElhinny, K Trombitás, AJ Geach, R Yamasaki, ...
The Journal of cell biology 153 (2), 413-428, 2001
Muscle-specific RING finger-1 interacts with titin to regulate sarcomeric M-line and thick filament structure and may have nuclear functions via its interaction with …
AS McElhinny, K Kakinuma, H Sorimachi, S Labeit, CC Gregorio
The Journal of cell biology 157 (1), 125-136, 2002
Calpain: novel family members, activation, and physiological function
K Suzuki, H Sorimachi, T Yoshizawa, K Kinbara, S Ishiura
Biological Chemistry Hoppe Seyler 376, 523-523, 1995
Muscle-specific calpain, p94, is degraded by autolysis immediately after translation, resulting in disappearance from muscle
H Sorimachi, N Toyama-Sorimachi, TC Saido, H Kawasaki, H Sugita, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 268 (14), 10593-10605, 1993
Calpain research for drug discovery: challenges and potential
Y Ono, TC Saido, H Sorimachi
Nature Reviews Drug Discovery 15 (12), 854-876, 2016
Tissue-specific expression and α-actinin binding properties of the Z-disc titin: implications for the nature of vertebrate Z-discs
H Sorimachi, A Freiburg, B Kolmerer, S Ishiura, G Stier, CC Gregorio, ...
Journal of molecular biology 270 (5), 688-695, 1997
A Novel Ligand for CD44 Is Serglycin, a Hematopoietic Cell Lineage-specific Proteoglycan: POSSIBLE INVOLVEMENT IN LYMPHOID CELL ADHERENCE AND ACTIVATION (∗)
N Toyama-Sorimachi, H Sorimachi, Y Tobita, F Kitamura, H Yagita, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 270 (13), 7437-7444, 1995
New era of calpain research: Discovery of tissue‐specific calpains
H Sorimachi, TC Saido, K Suzuki
Febs Letters 343 (1), 1-5, 1994
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