Matthew Petelle
Matthew Petelle
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Development of boldness and docility in yellow-bellied marmots
MB Petelle, DE McCoy, V Alejandro, JGA Martin, DT Blumstein
Animal Behaviour 86 (6), 1147-1154, 2013
Heritability and genetic correlations of personality traits in a wild population of yellow‐bellied marmots (Marmota flaviventris)
MB Petelle, JGA Martin, DT Blumstein
Journal of Evolutionary Biology 28 (10), 1840-1848, 2015
Defensive and social aggression: repeatable but independent
DT Blumstein, MB Petelle, TW Wey
Behavioral Ecology 24 (2), 457-461, 2013
Personality and habitat segregation in giant sea anemones (Condylactis gigantea)
NM Hensley, TC Cook, M Lang, MB Petelle, DT Blumstein
Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology 426, 1-4, 2012
Social associations between California sea lions influence the use of a novel foraging ground
ZA Schakner, MB Petelle, MJ Tennis, BK Van der Leeuw, RT Stansell, ...
Royal Society open science 4 (5), 160820, 2017
Genetic basis of between‐individual and within‐individual variance of docility
JGA Martin, E Pirotta, MB Petelle, DT Blumstein
Journal of Evolutionary Biology 30 (4), 796-805, 2017
Hunter or hunted? Perceptions of risk and reward in a small mesopredator
RJ Welch, S Périquet, MB Petelle, A le Roux
Journal of Mammalogy 98 (6), 1531-1537, 2017
The influence of environmental and social factors on high-and low-cost vigilance in bat-eared foxes
RJ Welch, A le Roux, MB Petelle, S Périquet
Behavioral ecology and sociobiology 72, 1-10, 2018
A critical evaluation of subjective ratings: Unacquainted observers can reliably assess certain personality traits
MB Petelle, DT Blumstein
Current Zoology 60 (2), 162-169, 2014
Environmental, social, morphological, and behavioral constraints on opportunistic multiple paternity
JGA Martin, MB Petelle, DT Blumstein
Behavioral ecology and sociobiology 68, 1531-1538, 2014
The effect of maternal glucocorticoid levels on juvenile docility in yellow-bellied marmots
MB Petelle, BN Dang, DT Blumstein
Hormones and Behavior 89, 86-91, 2017
Developing effective tools for conservation behaviorists: reply to Greggor et al
ZA Schakner, MB Petelle, O Berger-Tal, MA Owen, DT Blumstein
Trends Ecol. Evol 29, 651-652, 2014
Mixed support for state maintaining risky personality traits in yellow-bellied marmots
MB Petelle, JGA Martin, DT Blumstein
Animal Behaviour 150, 177-188, 2019
Oxytocin experiments shed light on mechanisms shaping prosocial and antisocial behaviors in non-human mammals
JE Smith, MB Petelle, EL Jerome, H Cristofari, DT Blumstein
Integrative and Comparative Biology 57 (3), 619-630, 2017
Intra-and interspecific variation in self-control capacities of parrots in a delay of gratification task
D Brucks, M Petelle, C Baldoni, A Krasheninnikova, E Rovegno, ...
Animal Cognition 25 (2), 473-491, 2022
Sex-specific reproductive strategies in wild yellow-bellied marmots (Marmota flaviventer): senescence and genetic variance in annual reproductive success differ …
S St. Lawrence, MN Dumas, M Petelle, DT Blumstein, JGA Martin
Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology 76 (6), 84, 2022
Innovative problem-solving in a small, wild canid
MB Petelle, PJ Jacobs, A le Roux
Animal cognition 26 (2), 405-413, 2023
Intra-individual variation of hen movements is associated with later keel bone fractures in a quasi-commercial aviary
CM Montalcini, MJ Toscano, SG Gebhardt-Henrich, MB Petelle
Scientific reports 13 (1), 2377, 2023
Commercial laying hens exhibit long-term consistent individual differences and behavioural syndromes in spatial traits
CM Montalcini, MB Petelle, MJ Toscano
Royal Society Open Science 10 (5), 230043, 2023
Validation of a Radio frequency identification system for tracking location of laying hens in a quasi-commercial aviary system
SG Gebhardt-Henrich, A Kashev, MB Petelle, MJ Toscano
Peer Community Journal 3, 2023
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