Alex Ardagh
Alex Ardagh
Data Analyst, Linguamatics
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Principles of dynamic heterogeneous catalysis: surface resonance and turnover frequency response
MA Ardagh, OA Abdelrahman, PJ Dauenhauer
Acs Catalysis 9 (8), 6929-6937, 2019
Depositing SiO2 on Al2O3: a Route to Tunable Brønsted Acid Catalysts
MA Ardagh, Z Bo, SL Nauert, JM Notestein
ACS Catalysis 6 (9), 6156-6164, 2016
Resonance-promoted formic acid oxidation via dynamic electrocatalytic modulation
J Gopeesingh, MA Ardagh, M Shetty, ST Burke, PJ Dauenhauer, ...
ACS Catalysis 10 (17), 9932-9942, 2020
Catalytic resonance theory: parallel reaction pathway control
MA Ardagh, M Shetty, A Kuznetsov, Q Zhang, P Christopher, DG Vlachos, ...
Chemical Science 11 (13), 3501-3510, 2020
Catalytic resonance theory: superVolcanoes, catalytic molecular pumps, and oscillatory steady state
MA Ardagh, T Birol, Q Zhang, OA Abdelrahman, PJ Dauenhauer
Catalysis Science & Technology 9 (18), 5058-5076, 2019
Synthesis and stabilization of small Pt nanoparticles on TiO2 partially masked by SiO2
Z Bo, S Ahn, MA Ardagh, NM Schweitzer, CP Canlas, OK Farha, ...
Applied Catalysis A: General 551, 122-128, 2018
On the economics and process design of renewable butadiene from biomass-derived furfural
A Kuznetsov, G Kumar, MA Ardagh, M Tsapatsis, Q Zhang, ...
ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering 8 (8), 3273-3282, 2020
Catalysis-in-a-box: robotic screening of catalytic materials in the time of covid-19 and beyond
G Kumar, H Bossert, D McDonald, A Chatzidimitriou, MA Ardagh, Y Pang, ...
Matter 3 (3), 805-823, 2020
Strong electrostatic adsorption of Pt onto SiO2 partially overcoated Al2O3—Towards single atom catalysts
Z Bo, LR McCullough, S Dull, MA Ardagh, J Wang, J Notestein
The Journal of Chemical Physics 151 (21), 214703, 2019
Demonstrating the critical role of solvation in supported Ti and Nb epoxidation catalysts via vapor-phase kinetics
S Ahn, SL Nauert, KE Hicks, MA Ardagh, NM Schweitzer, OK Farha, ...
ACS Catalysis 10 (4), 2817-2825, 2020
Kinetics of 2-methylfuran acylation with fatty acid anhydrides for biorenewable surfactants
AV Naik, KE Joseph, M Shetty, MA Ardagh, PJ Dauenhauer
ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering 8 (50), 18616-18625, 2020
Controlled deposition of silica on titania-silica to alter the active site surroundings on epoxidation catalysts
MA Ardagh, DT Bregante, DW Flaherty, JM Notestein
ACS Catalysis 10 (21), 13008-13018, 2020
Creating Brønsted acidity at the SiO2-Nb2O5 interface
ATY Wolek, MA Ardagh, HN Pham, S Alayoglu, AK Datye, JM Notestein
Journal of Catalysis 394, 387-396, 2021
SiO2 Deposition on Metal Oxides to Tune Catalytic Reaction Behavior
MA Ardagh
Northwestern University, 2018
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