Meta Virant-Doberlet
Meta Virant-Doberlet
National Institute of Biology, Ljubljana
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Vibrational communication in insects
M Virant-Doberlet, A Cokl
Neotropical Entomology 33, 121-134, 2004
Communication with substrate-borne signals in small plant-dwelling insects
A Čokl, M Virant-Doberlet
Annual review of entomology 48 (1), 29-50, 2003
PSM Hill, A Wessel
Current Biology 26 (5), R187-R191, 2016
Exploitation of insect vibrational signals reveals a new method of pest management
A Eriksson, G Anfora, A Lucchi, F Lanzo, M Virant-Doberlet, V Mazzoni
PLoS One 7 (3), e32954, 2012
Disruption of the reproductive behaviour of Scaphoideus titanus by playback of vibrational signals
V Mazzoni, A Lucchi, A Čokl, J Prešern, M Virant‐Doberlet
Entomologia experimentalis et applicata 133 (2), 174-185, 2009
Manipulating behaviour with substrate‐borne vibrations–potential for insect pest control
J Polajnar, A Eriksson, A Lucchi, G Anfora, M Virant‐Doberlet, V Mazzoni
Pest Management Science 71 (1), 15-23, 2015
Reproductive strategy of the nearctic leafhopper Scaphoideus titanus Ball (Hemiptera: Cicadellidae)
V Mazzoni, J Prešern, A Lucchi, M Virant-Doberlet
Bulletin of entomological research 99 (4), 401-413, 2009
Vibrational directionality in the southern green stink bug, Nezara viridula (L.), is mediated by female song
A Čokl, M Virant-Doberlet, A McDowell
Animal Behaviour 58 (6), 1277-1283, 1999
The structure and function of songs emitted by southern green stink bugs from Brazil, Florida, Italy and Slovenia
A Cˇokl, M Virant‐Doberlet, N Stritih
Physiological Entomology 25 (2), 196-205, 2000
Mating disruption of a grapevine pest using mechanical vibrations: from laboratory to the field
J Polajnar, A Eriksson, M Virant-Doberlet, V Mazzoni
Journal of pest science 89, 909-921, 2016
Molecular diagnostics reveal spiders that exploit prey vibrational signals used in sexual communication
M Virant‐Doberlet, RA King, J Polajnar, WOC Symondson
Molecular Ecology 20 (10), 2204-2216, 2011
Tuning of host plants with vibratory songs of Nezara viridula L(Heteroptera: Pentatomidae)
A Cokl, M Zorovic, A Zunic, M Virant-Doberlet
Journal of Experimental Biology 208 (8), 1481-1488, 2005
Use of substrate vibrations for orientation: from behaviour to physiology
M Virant-Doberlet, A Čokl, M Zorović
The influence of substrate on male responsiveness to the female calling song in Nezara viridula
N Miklas, N Stritih, A Čokl, M Virant-Doberlet, M Renou
Journal of Insect Behavior 14, 313-332, 2001
Predator-prey interactions and eavesdropping in vibrational communication networks
M Virant-Doberlet, A Kuhelj, J Polajnar, R Šturm
Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution 7, 203, 2019
Inter-plant vibrational communication in a leafhopper insect
A Eriksson, G Anfora, A Lucchi, M Virant-Doberlet, V Mazzoni
PLoS One 6 (5), e19692, 2011
Substrate vibrations during courtship in three Drosophila species
V Mazzoni, G Anfora, M Virant-Doberlet
PloS one 8 (11), e80708, 2013
Active space and the role of amplitude in plant-borne vibrational communication
V Mazzoni, A Eriksson, G Anfora, A Lucchi, M Virant-Doberlet
Studying vibrational communication, 125-145, 2014
Genetic differentiation of geographically separated populations of the southern green stink bug Nezara viridula (Hemiptera: Pentatomidae)
T Kavar, P Pavlovčič, S Sušnik, V Meglič, M Virant-Doberlet
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Vibrational communication networks: eavesdropping and biotic noise
M Virant-Doberlet, V Mazzoni, M De Groot, J Polajnar, A Lucchi, ...
Studying vibrational communication, 93-123, 2014
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