Bruno Rossion
Bruno Rossion
Research Director CNRS, Université de Lorraine
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Revisiting Snodgrass and Vanderwart's object pictorial set: The role of surface detail in basic-level object recognition
B Rossion, G Pourtois
Perception 33 (2), 217-236, 2004
The steady-state visual evoked potential in vision research: A review
A Norcia, G Appelbaum, J Ales, B Cottereau, B Rossion
Journal of Vision 15 (4), doi:10.1167/15.6.4, 2015
Early lateralization and orientation tuning for face, word, and object processing in the visual cortex
B Rossion, CA Joyce, GW Cottrell, MJ Tarr
Neuroimage 20 (3), 1609-1624, 2003
The N170 occipito-temporal component is delayed and enhanced to inverted faces but not to inverted objects: an electrophysiological account of face-specific processes in the …
B Rossion, I Gauthier, MJ Tarr, P Despland, R Bruyer, S Linotte, ...
Neuroreport 11 (1), 69-72, 2000
A network of occipito‐temporal face‐sensitive areas besides the right middle fusiform gyrus is necessary for normal face processing
B Rossion, R Caldara, M Seghier, AM Schuller, F Lazeyras, E Mayer
Brain 126 (11), 2381-2395, 2003
Does physical interstimulus variance account for early electrophysiological face sensitive responses in the human brain? Ten lessons on the N170
B Rossion, C Jacques
Neuroimage 39 (4), 1959-1979, 2008
Holistic processing is finely tuned for faces of one's own race
C Michel, B Rossion, J Han, CS Chung, R Caldara
Psychological science 17 (7), 608-615, 2006
Picture-plane inversion leads to qualitative changes of face perception
B Rossion
Acta psychologica 128 (2), 274-289, 2008
Hemispheric asymmetries for whole-based and part-based face processing in the human fusiform gyrus
B Rossion, L Dricot, A Devolder, JM Bodart, M Crommelinck, B De Gelder, ...
Journal of cognitive neuroscience 12 (5), 793-802, 2000
The time course of the inversion effect during individual face discrimination
C Jacques, O d'Arripe, B Rossion
Journal of vision 7 (8), 3-3, 2007
The face-sensitive N170 and VPP components manifest the same brain processes: the effect of reference electrode site
C Joyce, B Rossion
Clinical neurophysiology 116 (11), 2613-2631, 2005
Spatio-temporal localization of the face inversion effect: an event-related potentials study
B Rossion, JF Delvenne, D Debatisse, V Goffaux, R Bruyer, ...
Biological psychology 50 (3), 173-189, 1999
Faces are" spatial"--holistic face perception is supported by low spatial frequencies.
V Goffaux, B Rossion
Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human perception and performance 32 (4 …, 2006
How does the brain process upright and inverted faces?
B Rossion, I Gauthier
Behavioral and cognitive neuroscience reviews 1 (1), 63-75, 2002
The N170: Understanding the Time Course of Face Perception in the Human Brain
B Rossion, C Jacques
The Oxford handbook of event-related potential components, 115-142, 2011
Expertise training with novel objects leads to left-lateralized facelike electrophysiological responses
B Rossion, I Gauthier, V Goffaux, MJ Tarr, M Crommelinck
Psychological science 13 (3), 250-257, 2002
The composite face illusion: A whole window into our understanding of holistic face perception
B Rossion
Visual Cognition 21, 139-253, 2013
ERP evidence for the speed of face categorization in the human brain: Disentangling the contribution of low-level visual cues from face perception
B Rossion, S Caharel
Vision research 51 (12), 1297-1311, 2011
Faces are represented holistically in the human occipito-temporal cortex
C Schiltz, B Rossion
Neuroimage 32 (3), 1385-1394, 2006
The respective role of low and high spatial frequencies in supporting configural and featural processing of faces
V Goffaux, B Hault, C Michel, QC Vuong, B Rossion
Perception 34 (1), 77-86, 2005
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