Alexander Boone
Alexander Boone
Pacific Science and Engineering
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Non-expert interpretations of hurricane forecast uncertainty visualizations
IT Ruginski, AP Boone, LM Padilla, L Liu, N Heydari, HS Kramer, ...
Spatial Cognition & Computation 16 (2), 154-172, 2016
Evaluating geoscience students' spatial thinking skills in a multi-institutional classroom study
CJ Ormand, C Manduca, TF Shipley, B Tikoff, CL Harwood, K Atit, ...
Journal of Geoscience Education 62 (1), 146-154, 2014
Sex differences in navigation strategy and efficiency
AP Boone, X Gong, M Hegarty
Memory & cognition 46, 909-922, 2018
Sex differences in mental rotation tasks: Not just in the mental rotation process!
AP Boone, M Hegarty
Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory, and Cognition 43 (7), 1005, 2017
Uncertainty visualization by representative sampling from prediction ensembles
L Liu, AP Boone, IT Ruginski, L Padilla, M Hegarty, SH Creem-Regehr, ...
IEEE transactions on visualization and computer graphics 23 (9), 2165-2178, 2016
A computerized spatial orientation test
A Friedman, B Kohler, P Gunalp, AP Boone, M Hegarty
Behavior research methods 52, 799-812, 2020
Explicit versus actionable knowledge: The influence of explaining graphical conventions on interpretation of hurricane forecast visualizations.
AP Boone, P Gunalp, M Hegarty
Journal of experimental psychology: applied 24 (3), 275, 2018
Instructions matter: Individual differences in navigation strategy and ability
AP Boone, B Maghen, M Hegarty
Memory & Cognition 47, 1401-1414, 2019
Age-related changes in spatial navigation are evident by midlife and differ by sex
S Yu, AP Boone, C He, RC Davis, M Hegarty, ER Chrastil, EG Jacobs
Psychological Science 32 (5), 692-704, 2021
Individual differences in large-scale spatial abilities and strategies
M Hegarty, H Burte, AP Boone
Handbook of behavioral and cognitive geography, 231-246, 2018
Understanding differences in wayfinding strategies
M Hegarty, C He, AP Boone, S Yu, EG Jacobs, ER Chrastil
Topics in Cognitive Science 15 (1), 102-119, 2023
What Geoscience Experts and Novices Look At, and What They See, When Viewing Data Visualizations.
KA Kastens, TF Shipley, AP Boone, F Straccia
Journal of Astronomy & Earth Sciences Education 3 (1), 27-58, 2016
Sonifying data uncertainty with sound dimensions
A Ballatore, D Gordon, AP Boone
Cartography and Geographic Information Science 46 (5), 385-400, 2019
Developmental change in the nature of attention allocation in a dual task.
N Cowan, AM AuBuchon, AL Gilchrist, CL Blume, AP Boone, JS Saults
Developmental Psychology 57 (1), 33, 2021
Where are you? The effect of uncertainty and its visual representation on location judgments in GPS-like displays.
M Hegarty, A Friedman, AP Boone, TJ Barrett
Journal of experimental psychology: applied 22 (4), 381, 2016
Habituation of the stress response multiplex to repeated cold pressor exposure
T Bullock, MH MacLean, T Santander, AP Boone, V Babenko, ...
Frontiers in Physiology 13, 752900, 2023
Measuring configural spatial knowledge: Individual differences in correlations between pointing and shortcutting
C He, AP Boone, M Hegarty
Psychonomic Bulletin & Review 30 (5), 1802-1813, 2023
The influence of the human stress response on navigation strategy and efficiency
AP Boone
University of California, Santa Barbara, 2019
Strategy differences do not account for gender difference in mental rotation.
AP Boone, M Hegarty
CogSci, 2015
The influence of pedestrian walking speeds on exit routes in real-world and immersive virtual environments
AP Boone, BH Lemasson, L Durand, ML Mayo, KR Pilkiewicz, ...
Journal of Vision 20 (11), 388-388, 2020
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