Janez Puhan
Janez Puhan
University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Electrical Engineering
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Grid restrained nelder-mead algorithm
Á Bűrmen, J Puhan, T Tuma
Computational optimization and applications 34, 359-375, 2006
A new asynchronous parallel global optimization method based on simulated annealing and differential evolution
J Olenšek, T Tuma, J Puhan, Á Bűrmen
Applied Soft Computing 11 (1), 1481-1489, 2011
Evolving a Nelder–Mead algorithm for optimization with genetic programming
I Fajfar, J Puhan, Á Bűrmen
Evolutionary computation 25 (3), 351-373, 2017
The Nelder–Mead simplex algorithm with perturbed centroid for high-dimensional function optimization
I Fajfar, Á Bűrmen, J Puhan
Optimization Letters 13, 1011-1025, 2019
Automated robust design and optimization of integrated circuits by means of penalty functions
Á Bűrmen, D Strle, F Bratkovič, J Puhan, I Fajfar, T Tuma
AEU-International journal of electronics and communications 57 (1), 47-56, 2003
A rigorous design method for binary cellular neural networks
I Fajfar, F Bratkovič, T Tuma, J Puhan
International Journal of Circuit Theory and Applications 26 (4), 365-373, 1998
Optimisation methods in SPICE: a comparison
J Puhan, T Tuma, I Fajfar
Proceedings of European Conference on Circuit Theory and Design. ECCTD’99 …, 1999
DESA: a new hybrid global optimization method and its application to analog integrated circuit sizing
J Olenšek, Á Bűrmen, J Puhan, T Tuma
Journal of Global Optimization 44, 53-77, 2009
Robust design and optimization of operating amplifiers
A Burmen, J Puhan, T Tuma
IEEE International Conference on Industrial Technology, 2003 2, 745-750, 2003
Optimisation of analog circuits with SPICE 3f4
J Puhan, T Tuma
intervals 5 (50), 50, 1997
Low-cost, high-performance CNN simulator implemented in FPGA
M Perko, I Fajfar, T Tuma, J Puhan
Proceedings of the 2000 6th IEEE International Workshop on Cellular Neural …, 2000
Analogue integrated circuit sizing with several optimization runs using heuristics for setting initial points
J Puhan, A Burmen, T Tuma
Canadian journal of electrical and computer engineering 28 (3/4), 105-111, 2003
Model parameter identification with SPICE OPUS: A comparison of direct search and elitistic genetic algorithm
A Bürmen, J Puhan, T Tuma, I Fajfar, A Nussdorfer
Proceedings of the 15th European Conference on Circuit Theory and Design …, 2001
Towards smaller populations in differential evolution
I Fajfar, T Tuma, J Puhan, J Olenšek, A Bűrmen
J Microelectron Electron Compon Mater 42, 152-163, 2012
Fast Fourier transform computation using a digital CNN simulator
M Perko, I Fajfar, T Tuma, J Puhan
1998 Fifth IEEE International Workshop on Cellular Neural Networks and their …, 1998
On selection in differential evolution
I Fajfar, J Puhan, S Tomažič, A Bűrmen
Elektrotehniški Vestnik 78, 275-280, 2011
Spice for Windows 95/98/NT
J Puhan, T Tuma, I Fajfar
The University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, 1998
Teaching assembly and C language concurrently
J Puhan, Á Bűrmen, T Tuma, I Fajfar
International Journal of Electrical Engineering Education 47 (2), 120-131, 2010
Grammatical evolution as a hyper-heuristic to evolve deterministic real-valued optimization algorithms
I Fajfar, Á Bűrmen, J Puhan
Genetic programming and evolvable machines 19, 473-504, 2018
An accurate representation of incoherent layers within one-dimensional thin-film multilayer structures with equivalent propagation matrices
J Puhan, B Lipovšek, Á Bűrmen, I Fajfar
IEEE Photonics Journal 9 (5), 1-12, 2017
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