A. Şima Etaner - Uyar
A. Şima Etaner - Uyar
Professor at Fatih Sultan Mehmet Vakif University (formerly at Istanbul Technical Unversity)
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Towards an analysis of dynamic environments
J Branke, E Salihoğlu, Ş Uyar
Proceedings of the 7th annual conference on Genetic and evolutionary …, 2005
A new population based adaptive domination change mechanism for diploid genetic algorithms in dynamic environments
AŞ Uyar, AE Harmanci
Soft Computing 9, 803-814, 2005
Memetic algorithms and hyperhill-climbers
E Ersoy, E Ozcan, AS Etaner-Uyar
Proc. of the 3rd Multidisciplinary Int. conf. on scheduling: theory and …, 2007
Traffic sign recognition using scale invariant feature transform and color classification
MC Kus, M Gokmen, S Etaner-Uyar
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Evolutionary algorithms for the unit commitment problem
A Uyar, B Tuerkay
Turkish Journal of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences 16 (3), 239-255, 2008
Multiobjective evolutionary clustering of web user sessions: a case study in web page recommendation
GN Demir, AŞ Uyar, Ş Gündüz-Öğüdücü
Soft Computing 14, 579-597, 2010
Graph-based sequence clustering through multiobjective evolutionary algorithms for web recommender systems
GN Demir, AS Uyar, SG Ögüdücü
Proceedings of the 9th annual conference on Genetic and evolutionary …, 2007
The role of representations in dynamic knapsack problems
J Branke, M Orbayı, Ş Uyar
Applications of Evolutionary Computing, 764-775, 2006
A novel differential evolution application to short-term electrical power generation scheduling
AŞ Uyar, B Türkay, A Keleş
International Journal of Electrical Power & Energy Systems 33 (6), 1236-1242, 2011
Selection hyper-heuristics in dynamic environments
B Kiraz, AŞ Etaner-Uyar, E Özcan
Journal of the Operational Research Society, 2013
An efficient community detection method using parallel clique-finding ants
S Sadi, S Öğüdücü, AS Uyar
Evolutionary Computation (CEC), 2010 IEEE Congress on, 1-7, 2010
Active appearance model-based facial composite generation with interactive nature-inspired heuristics
B Kurt, AS Etaner-Uyar, T Akbal, N Demir, AE Kanlikilicer, MC Kus, FH Ulu
Multimedia Content Representation, Classification and Security …, 2006
The memory indexing evolutionary algorithm for dynamic environments
A Karaman, Ş Uyar, G Eryiğit
Applications of Evolutionary Computing, 563-573, 2005
A gene based adaptive mutation strategy for genetic algorithms
S Uyar, S Sariel, G Eryigit
Genetic and Evolutionary Computation–GECCO 2004: Genetic and Evolutionary …, 2004
Social Networks: analysis and case studies
Ş Gündüz-Öğüdücü, AŞ Etaner-Uyar
Springer Vienna, 2014
A hybrid multi-population framework for dynamic environments combining online and offline learning
G Uludağ, B Kiraz, AŞ Etaner-Uyar, E Özcan
Soft Computing 17, 2327-2348, 2013
Generalizing hyper-heuristics via apprenticeship learning
S Asta, E Özcan, AJ Parkes, AŞ Etaner-Uyar
Evolutionary Computation in Combinatorial Optimization: 13th European …, 2013
Community Detection Using Ant Colony Optimization Techniques
S Sadi, Ş Etaner-Uyar, Ş Gündüz-Öğüdücü
Mendel 2009: 15th International Conference on Soft Computing, 206-213, 2009
An investigation of selection hyper-heuristics in dynamic environments
B Kiraz, AŞ Uyar, E Özcan
Applications of Evolutionary Computation: EvoApplications 2011: EvoCOMPLEX …, 2011
An adaptive mutation scheme in genetic algorithms for fastening the convergence to the optimum
AS Uyar, G Eryigit, S Sariel
Proceedings of 3rd APIS: Asian Pacific International Symposium on …, 2004
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