James Platts
James Platts
Reader in Chemistry, Cardiff University
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Evaluation of human intestinal absorption data and subsequent derivation of a quantitative structure–activity relationship (QSAR) with the Abraham descriptors
YH Zhao, J Le, MH Abraham, A Hersey, PJ Eddershaw, CN Luscombe, ...
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JA Platts, D Butina, MH Abraham, A Hersey
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MP Waller, A Robertazzi, JA Platts, DE Hibbs, PA Williams
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Directionality of hydrogen bonds to sulfur and oxygen
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Fluorine–fluorine interactions in the solid state: an experimental and theoretical study
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Assessment of the Performance of MP2 and MP2 Variants for the Treatment of Noncovalent Interactions
KE Riley, JA Platts, J Rezac, P Hobza, JG Hill
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Theoretical prediction of hydrogen bond donor capacity
JA Platts
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Correlation and estimation of gas–chloroform and water–chloroform partition coefficients by a linear free energy relationship method
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The RP-HPLC measurement and QSPR analysis of log Po/w values of several Pt (II) complexes
JA Platts, SP Oldfield, MM Reif, A Palmucci, E Gabano, D Osella
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Calculation of lipophilicity of a large, diverse dataset of anticancer platinum complexes and the relation to cellular uptake
SP Oldfield, MD Hall, JA Platts
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Theoretical prediction of hydrogen bond basicity
JA Platts
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The blood-brain barrier and drug delivery to the CNS
DJ Begley, MWB Bradbury, J Kreuter
Marcel Dekker Ltd (Taylor & Francis Ltd), 2000
Calculation of the hydrophobicity of platinum drugs
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Ab initio studies of proton sponges: 1, 8-bis (dimethylamino) naphthalene
JA Platts, ST Howard, K Wozniak
The Journal of Organic Chemistry 59 (16), 4647-4651, 1994
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