Prashant Sharma
Prashant Sharma
University of Madison-Wisconsin
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Phylogenomic interrogation of Arachnida reveals systemic conflicts in phylogenetic signal
PP Sharma, ST Kaluziak, AR Pérez-Porro, VL González, G Hormiga, ...
Molecular Biology and Evolution 31 (11), 2963-2984, 2014
Investigating the Bivalve Tree of Life—an exemplar-based approach combining molecular and novel morphological characters
R Bieler, P Mikkelsen, T Collins, E Glover, V Gonzalez, D Graf, E Harper, ...
Invertebrate Systematics 28 (1), 32-115, 2014
The house spider genome reveals an ancient whole-genome duplication during arachnid evolution
EE Schwager, PP Sharma, T Clarke, DJ Leite, T Wierschin, M Pechmann, ...
BMC Biology 15 (62), 1-27, 2017
A multilocus approach to harvestman (Arachnida: Opiliones) phylogeny with emphasis on biogeography and the systematics of Laniatores
G Giribet, L Vogt, AP González, P Sharma, AB Kury
Cladistics 26 (4), 408-437, 2010
Pan-arthropod analysis reveals somatic piRNAs as an ancestral defence against transposable elements
FM Lewis, S.H., Quarles, K.A., Yang, Y., Tanguy, M., Frézal, L., Smith, S ...
Nature Ecology and Evolution 2, 174-181, 2018
Biogeography of the world: a case study from cyphophthalmid Opiliones, a globally distributed group of arachnids
SL Boyer, RM Clouse, LR Benavides, P Sharma, PJ Schwendinger, ...
Journal of Biogeography 34 (12), 2070-2085, 2007
Comparative description of ten transcriptomes of newly sequenced invertebrates and efficiency estimation of genomic sampling in non-model taxa
A Riesgo, SC Andrade, PP Sharma, M Novo, AR Pérez-Porro, V Vahtera, ...
Frontiers in Zoology 9 (1), 33, 2012
The evolutionary and biogeographic history of the armoured harvestmen–Laniatores phylogeny based on ten molecular markers, with the description of two new families of Opiliones …
PP Sharma, G Giribet
Invertebrate Systematics 25 (2), 106-142, 2011
Evolutionary and biogeographical history of an ancient and global group of arachnids (Arachnida: Opiliones: Cyphophthalmi) with a new taxonomic arrangement
G Giribet, PP Sharma, LR Benavides, SL Boyer, RM Clouse, BL De Bivort, ...
Biological Journal of the Linnean Society 105 (1), 92-130, 2012
Phylogenomic resolution of scorpions reveals multilevel discordance with morphological phylogenetic signal
PP Sharma, R Fernández, LA Esposito, E González-Santillán, L Monod
Proceedings of the Royal Society B 282 (20142953), 1-10, 2015
A revised dated phylogeny of the arachnid order Opiliones
P Sharma, G Giribet
Frontiers in Genetics 5, 255, 2014
A Critical Appraisal of the Placement of Xiphosura (Chelicerata) with Account of Known Sources of Phylogenetic Error
JA Ballesteros, PP Sharma
Systematic Biology 68 (6), 896–891, 2019
A Paleozoic Stem Group to Mite Harvestmen Revealed through Integration of Phylogenetics and Development
RJ Garwood, PP Sharma, JA Dunlop, G Giribet
Current Biology 24 (9), 1017-1023, 2014
Into the deep: A phylogenetic approach to the bivalve subclass Protobranchia
PP Sharma, JD Zardus, EE Boyle, VL González, RM Jennings, E McIntyre, ...
Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, 2013
Evaluating topological conflict in centipede phylogeny using transcriptomic data sets
R Fernández, CE Laumer, V Vahtera, S Libro, S Kaluziak, PP Sharma, ...
Molecular biology and evolution 31 (6), 1500-1513, 2014
Phylogenetic analysis of four nuclear protein-encoding genes largely corroborates the traditional classification of Bivalvia (Mollusca)
PP Sharma, VL González, GY Kawauchi, S Andrade, A Guzmán, ...
Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 65 (1), 64-74, 2012
Out of the Neotropics: Late Cretaceous colonization of Australasia by American arthropods
PP Sharma, G Giribet
Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 279 (1742), 3501-3509, 2012
Sandokanid phylogeny based on eight molecular markers--The evolution of a southeast Asian endemic family of Laniatores (Arachnida, Opiliones)
P Sharma, G Giribet
Molecular phylogenetics and evolution 52 (2), 432-447, 2009
A relict in New Caledonia: phylogenetic relationships of the family Troglosironidae (Opiliones: Cyphophthalmi)
P Sharma, G Giribet
Cladistics 25 (3), 279-294, 2009
Hox gene expression in the harvestman Phalangium opilio reveals divergent patterning of the chelicerate opisthosoma
PP Sharma, EE Schwager, CG Extavour, G Giribet
Evolution & Development 14 (5), 450-463, 2012
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