Dr. Brahim Bouzouia, PhD.
Dr. Brahim Bouzouia, PhD.
DIRECTOR of Research-PROFESSOR, CDTA, Algiers, Algeria.
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Optimal path planning and execution for mobile robots using genetic algorithm and adaptive fuzzy-logic control
A Bakdi, A Hentout, H Boutami, A Maoudj, O Hachour, B Bouzouia
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Human-in-the-Loop Cyber-Physical Production Systems Control (HiLCP2sC): A Multi-objective Interactive Framework Proposal
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Mobile manipulator path planning based on artificial potential field: Application on RobuTER/ULM
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Fault-tolerant multi-agent control architecture for autonomous mobile manipulators: Simulation results
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Intelligent product-driven manufacturing control: A mixed genetic algorithms and machine learning approach to product intelligence synthesis
M Gaham, B Bouzouia
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Hardware in the loop simulation for product driven control of a cyber-physical manufacturing system
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Distributed multi-agent approach based on priority rules and genetic algorithm for tasks scheduling in multi-robot cells
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An efficient ILP formulation for the single machine scheduling problem
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RAIRO-Operations Research Journal 44 (01), 61-71, 2010
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