Michael J Demkowicz
Michael J Demkowicz
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Interface structure and radiation damage resistance in Cu-Nb multilayer nanocomposites
MJ Demkowicz, RG Hoagland, JP Hirth
Physical review letters 100 (13), 136102, 2008
The radiation damage tolerance of ultra-high strength nanolayered composites
A Misra, MJ Demkowicz, X Zhang, RG Hoagland
Jom 59, 62-65, 2007
Radiation damage tolerant nanomaterials
IJ Beyerlein, A Caro, MJ Demkowicz, NA Mara, A Misra, BP Uberuaga
Materials today 16 (11), 443-449, 2013
Defect-interface interactions
IJ Beyerlein, MJ Demkowicz, A Misra, BP Uberuaga
Progress in Materials Science 74, 125-210, 2015
Design of radiation tolerant materials via interface engineering
W Han, MJ Demkowicz, NA Mara, E Fu, S Sinha, AD Rollett, Y Wang, ...
Wiley Blackwell, 2013
Effect of grain boundary character on sink efficiency
WZ Han, MJ Demkowicz, EG Fu, YQ Wang, A Misra
Acta materialia 60 (18), 6341-6351, 2012
The dual role of coherent twin boundaries in hydrogen embrittlement
M Seita, JP Hanson, S Gradečak, MJ Demkowicz
Nature communications 6 (1), 6164, 2015
The role of interface structure in controlling high helium concentrations
MJ Demkowicz, A Misra, A Caro
Current opinion in solid state and materials science 16 (3), 101-108, 2012
Structure, shear resistance and interaction with point defects of interfaces in Cu–Nb nanocomposites synthesized by severe plastic deformation
MJ Demkowicz, L Thilly
Acta materialia 59 (20), 7744-7756, 2011
Atomic-scale design of radiation-tolerant nanocomposites
MJ Demkowicz, P Bellon, BD Wirth
MRS bulletin 35 (12), 992-998, 2010
Stable storage of helium in nanoscale platelets at semicoherent interfaces
A Kashinath, A Misra, MJ Demkowicz
Physical review letters 110 (8), 086101, 2013
Liquidlike atomic environments act as plasticity carriers in amorphous silicon
MJ Demkowicz, AS Argon
Physical Review B 72 (24), 245205, 2005
High-density liquidlike component facilitates plastic flow in a model amorphous silicon system
MJ Demkowicz, AS Argon
Physical review letters 93 (2), 025505, 2004
The influence of∑ 3 twin boundaries on the formation of radiation-induced defect clusters in nanotwinned Cu
MJ Demkowicz, O Anderoglu, X Zhang, A Misra
Journal of Materials Research 26 (14), 1666-1675, 2011
Arrest of He bubble growth in Cu–Nb multilayer nanocomposites
K Hattar, MJ Demkowicz, A Misra, IM Robertson, RG Hoagland
Scripta Materialia 58 (7), 541-544, 2008
Structure of Kurdjumov–Sachs interfaces in simulations of a copper–niobium bilayer
MJ Demkowicz, RG Hoagland
Journal of Nuclear Materials 372 (1), 45-52, 2008
The effect of excess atomic volume on He bubble formation at fcc–bcc interfaces
MJ Demkowicz, D Bhattacharyya, I Usov, YQ Wang, M Nastasi, A Misra
Applied Physics Letters 97 (16), 2010
Interfaces between dissimilar crystalline solids
MJ Demkowicz, J Wang, RG Hoagland
Dislocations in solids 14, 141-205, 2008
Non-random walk diffusion enhances the sink strength of semicoherent interfaces
A Vattré, T Jourdan, H Ding, MC Marinica, MJ Demkowicz
Nature communications 7 (1), 10424, 2016
Coarsening by network restructuring in model nanoporous gold
K Kolluri, MJ Demkowicz
Acta Materialia 59 (20), 7645-7653, 2011
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