Asimakis Lykourgiotis
Asimakis Lykourgiotis
PhD, Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Patras, Greece
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Efficient next generation emergency communications over multi-access edge computing
EK Markakis, I Politis, A Lykourgiotis, Y Rebahi, G Mastorakis, ...
IEEE Communications Magazine 55 (11), 92-97, 2017
EMYNOS: Next generation emergency communication
EK Markakis, A Lykourgiotis, I Politis, A Dagiuklas, Y Rebahi, E Pallis
IEEE Communications Magazine 55 (1), 139-145, 2017
Hybrid broadcast and broadband networks convergence for immersive TV applications
A Lykourgiotis, K Birkos, T Dagiuklas, E Ekmekcioglu, S Dogan, Y Yildiz, ...
IEEE wireless communications 21 (3), 62-69, 2014
Self-organization towards reduced cost and energy per bit for future emerging radio technologies-sonnet
S Mumtaz, KMS Huq, J Rodriguez, S Ghosh, EE Ugwuanyi, M Iqbal, ...
2017 IEEE Globecom Workshops (GC Wkshps), 1-6, 2017
On optimizing scalable video delivery over media aware mobile clouds
I Politis, C Tselios, A Lykourgiotis, S Kotsopoulos
2017 IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC), 1-6, 2017
Towards 3D video delivery over heterogeneous networks: The ROMEO approach
K Birkos, I Politis, A Lykourgiotis, T Kordelas, C Tselios, M Mplatsas, ...
2012 International Conference on Telecommunications and Multimedia (TEMU), 60-65, 2012
Media-aware proxy: Application layer filtering and L3 mobility for media streaming optimization
C Mysirlidis, A Lykourgiotis, T Dagiuklas, I Politis, S Kotsopoulos
Communications (ICC), 2015 IEEE International Conference on, 6912 - 6917, 2015
A media aware platform for real-time stereoscopic video streaming adaptation
A Kordelas, I Politis, A Lykourgiotis, T Dagiuklas, S Kotsopoulos
Communications Workshops (ICC), 2013 IEEE International Conference on, 687-691, 2013
On measuring the efficiency of next generation emergency communications: The EMYNOS paradigm
I Politis, A Lykourgiotis, C Tselios, T Orfanoudakis
2018 IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC), 1-6, 2018
End-to-end quality aware optimization for multimedia clouds
D Athanasopoulos, I Politis, A Lykourgiotis, C Tselios, T Dagiuklas
2016 International Conference on Telecommunications and Multimedia (TEMU), 1-5, 2016
Measurement and analysis of physicochemical parameters concerning thermopylae natural hot spring waters.
V Zarikas, KE Anagnostou, P Avlakiotis, S Kotsopoulos, C Liolios, ...
A Framework for QoE‐Aware 3D Video Streaming Optimisation over Wireless Networks
I Politis, A Lykourgiotis, T Dagiuklas
Mobile Information Systems 2016 (1), 4913216, 2016
Comparison and evaluation of the most efficient mobility management protocols for integrated wireless networks
A Lykourgiotis, S Kotsopoulos
Conference on Smart Spaces, 377-388, 2010
Secure and interoperable communication infrastructures for PPDR organisations
W Müller, H Marques, L Pereira, J Rodriguez, F Brouwer, B Bouwers, ...
Open Architecture/Open Business Model Net-Centric Systems and Defense …, 2016
A stereo client using open SVC decoder extensions: QoE performance evaluation
G Papadogiannopoulos, T Dagiuklas, I Politis, A Lykourgiotis
2014 IEEE International Conference on Image Processing (ICIP), 2482-2486, 2014
A comprehensive simulation study of low latency handoffs in mobile IPv4 for VoIP in IEEE 802.11 b WLAN
A Lykourgiotis, S Kotsopoulos, T Dagiuklas
Proceedings of the 7th ACM workshop on Performance monitoring and …, 2012
Hybrid Broadcast Broadband for the Delivery of 3D Video
A Lykourgiotis, T Dagiuklas, I Politis, H Marques, J Rodrı́guez, H Silva
Connected Media in the Future Internet Era, 167-190, 2017
EMYNOS: A next generation emergency communication platform for people with disabilities
F Andriopoulou, I Politis, A Lykourgiotis, T Dagiuklas, D Serras, Y Rebahi
2015 9th International Conference on Software, Knowledge, Information …, 2015
Wireless telemetry: channel characterization and statistical imputation of missing values
V Zarikas, T Chrysikos, KE Anagnostou, S Kotsopoulos, P Avlakiotis, ...
Communications-Scientific Letters of the University of Zilina 17 (1A), 58-65, 2015
Protocols Performance in Next Generation Networks
A Lykourgiotis, S Kotsopoulos
Communications-Scientific letters of the University of Zilina 13 (2A), 13-18, 2011
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