Maša Hribar
Maša Hribar
Nutrition Institute
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Nutrihealth study: seasonal variation in vitamin D status among the Slovenian adult and elderly population
M Hribar, H Hristov, M Gregorič, U Blaznik, K Zaletel, A Oblak, J Osredkar, ...
Nutrients 12 (6), 1838, 2020
Nutrient profiling is needed to improve the nutritional quality of the foods labelled with health-related claims
U Pivk Kupirovič, K Miklavec, M Hribar, A Kušar, K Žmitek, I Pravst
Nutrients 11 (2), 287, 2019
Inadequate intake of dietary fibre in adolescents, adults, and elderlies: results of slovenian representative SI. Menu study
BK Seljak, E Valenčič, H Hristov, M Hribar, Ž Lavriša, A Kušar, K Žmitek, ...
Nutrients 13 (11), 3826, 2021
Efficiency of vitamin D supplementation in healthy adults is associated with body mass index and baseline serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D level
K Žmitek, M Hribar, H Hristov, I Pravst
Nutrients 12 (5), 1268, 2020
Limiting trans Fats in Foods: Use of Partially Hydrogenated Vegetable Oils in Prepacked Foods in Slovenia
N Zupanič, M Hribar, U Pivk Kupirovič, A Kušar, K Žmitek, I Pravst
Nutrients 10 (3), 355, 2018
Vitamin D intake in Slovenian adolescents, adults, and the elderly population
M Hribar, H Hristov, Ž Lavriša, B Koroušić Seljak, M Gregorič, U Blaznik, ...
Nutrients 13 (10), 3528, 2021
Use of food additive titanium dioxide (E171) before the introduction of regulatory restrictions due to concern for genotoxicity
U Blaznik, S Krušič, M Hribar, A Kušar, K Žmitek, I Pravst
Foods 10 (8), 1910, 2021
Dietary intake of folate and assessment of the folate deficiency prevalence in Slovenia using serum biomarkers
I Pravst, Ž Lavriša, M Hribar, H Hristov, N Kvarantan, BK Seljak, ...
Nutrients 13 (11), 3860, 2021
Free sugar content in pre-packaged products: does voluntary product reformulation work in practice?
N Zupanič, M Hribar, N Fidler Mis, I Pravst
Nutrients 11 (11), 2577, 2019
Branded foods databases as a tool to support nutrition research and monitoring of the food supply: insights from the slovenian composition and labeling information system
I Pravst, M Hribar, K Žmitek, B Blažica, B Koroušić Seljak, A Kušar
Frontiers in Nutrition 8, 798576, 2022
Socio-demographic and knowledge-related determinants of vitamin D supplementation in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic: assessment of an educational intervention
K Žmitek, M Hribar, Ž Lavriša, H Hristov, A Kušar, I Pravst
Frontiers in nutrition 8, 648450, 2021
Facilitating consumers choice of healthier foods: A comparison of different front-of-package labelling schemes using Slovenian food supply database
U Pivk Kupirovič, H Hristov, M Hribar, Ž Lavriša, I Pravst
Foods 9 (4), 399, 2020
Dietary intake and status of Vitamin B12 in slovenian population
Ž Lavriša, H Hristov, M Hribar, K Žmitek, A Kušar, B Koroušić Seljak, ...
Nutrients 14 (2), 334, 2022
Trends in the use of low and no-calorie sweeteners in non-alcoholic beverages in Slovenia
E Hafner, M Hribar, H Hristov, A Kušar, K Žmitek, M Roe, I Pravst
Foods 10 (2), 387, 2021
Assessment of trans-fatty acid content in a sample of foods from the Slovenian food supply using a sales-weighting approach
A Kušar, M Hribar, Ž Lavriša, N Zupanič, UP Kupirovič, H Hristov, ...
Public Health Nutrition 24 (1), 12-21, 2021
Comparison of a Web-Based Dietary Assessment Tool with Software for the Evaluation of Dietary Records/Primerjava Spletne Aplikacije in Računalniškega Programa Za Ovrednotenje …
E Benedik, BK Seljak, M Hribar, I Rogelj, B Bratanič, NF Mis
Slovenian Journal of Public Health 54 (2), 91-97, 2015
A systematic review of vitamin D status and dietary intake in various Slovenian populations
M Hribar, E Benedik, M Gregorič, U Blaznik, A Kukec, H Hristov, K Žmitek, ...
Slovenian Journal of Public Health 61 (1), 55-72, 2022
Heart images on food labels: a health claim or not?
K Miklavec, M Hribar, A Kušar, I Pravst
Foods 10 (3), 643, 2021
Dietary Intake of trans Fatty Acids in the Slovenian Population
N Zupanič, M Hribar, H Hristov, Ž Lavriša, A Kušar, M Gregorič, U Blaznik, ...
Nutrients 13 (1), 207, 2021
Nutritional composition of gluten-free labelled foods in the Slovenian food supply
Ž Lavriša, M Hribar, A Kušar, K Žmitek, I Pravst
International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 17 (21), 8239, 2020
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