Ryan A. St Laurent
Ryan A. St Laurent
Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History
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A global checklist of the Bombycoidea (Insecta: Lepidoptera)
IJ Kitching, R Rodolphe, A Zwick, CA Hamilton, RA St Laurent, ...
Biodiversity Data Journal 6 (e22236), 1-13, 2018
Phylogenomics resolves major relationships and reveals significant diversification rateshifts in the evolution of silk moths and relatives
CA Hamilton, RA St Laurent, K Dexter, IJ Kitching, JW Breinholt, A Zwick, ...
BMC Evolutionary Biology 19 (182), 2019
Diel behavior in moths and butterflies: a synthesis of data illuminates the evolution of temporal activity
AY Kawahara, D Plotkin, CA Hamilton, H Gough, R St Laurent, HL Owens, ...
Organisms Diversity & Evolution, 1-15, 2017
Phylogenetics of moth-like butterflies (Papilionoidea: Hedylidae) based on a new 13-locus target capture probe set
AY Kawahara, JW Breinholt, M Espeland, C Storer, D Plotkin, KM Dexter, ...
Molecular phylogenetics and evolution 127, 600-605, 2018
A global phylogeny of butterflies reveals their evolutionary history, ancestral hosts and biogeographic origins
AY Kawahara, C Storer, APS Carvalho, DM Plotkin, FL Condamine, ...
Nature ecology & evolution 7 (6), 903-913, 2023
Museum specimens provide phylogenomic data to resolve relationships of sack-bearer moths (Lepidoptera, Mimallonoidea, Mimallonidae)
RA St Laurent, CA Hamilton, AY Kawahara
Systematic Entomology, 2018
Phylogeny of gracillariid leaf-mining moths: evolution of larval behaviour inferred from phylogenomic and Sanger data
X Li, R St Laurent, C Earl, C Doorenweerd, EJ van Nieukerken, DR Davis, ...
Cladistics, 1-24, 2021
A new target capture phylogeny elucidates the systematics and evolution of wing coupling in sack‐bearer moths
R St Laurent, CGC Mielke, D Herbin, KM Dexter, AY Kawahara
Systematic Entomology 45, 653-669, 2020
Reclassification of the Sack-bearer Moths (Lepidoptera, Mimallonoidea, Mimallonidae)
RA St Laurent, AY Kawahara
ZooKeys 815, 1-114, 2019
Revision of the genus Eadmuna Schaus, 1928 (Lepidoptera, Mimallonidae) with a description of a new species from French Guiana
RA St Laurent, JJ Dombroskie
ZooKeys 494, 51-68, 2015
Revision of the genus Menevia Schaus, 1928 (Lepidoptera, Mimallonoidea, Mimallonidae) with the description of 11 new species
RA St Laurent, JJ Dombroskie
ZooKeys, 31-116, 2016
A diversification relay race from Caribbean-Mesoamerica to the Andes: historical biogeography of Xylophanes hawkmoths
X Li, CA Hamilton, R St Laurent, L Ballesteros-Mejia, A Markee, J Haxaire, ...
Proceedings of the Royal Society B 289 (20212435), 1-10, 2022
The Mimallonidae (Lepidoptera, Mimallonoidea) of the Caribbean Basin, with the descriptions of two new species.
RA St Laurent, TL Mccabe
Zootaxa 4084 (4), 557-571, 2016
Three new genera of Neotropical Mimallonidae (Lepidoptera, Mimallonoidea, Mimallonidae) with descriptions of three new species
RAS Laurent, CGC Mielke
ZooKeys, 117-143, 2016
Food plant shifts drive the diversification of Sack-bearer moths
RA St Laurent, APS Carvalho, C Earl, AY Kawahara
The American Naturalist, 2021
Is Sexual Conflict a Driver of Speciation? A Case Study With a Tribe of Brush-footed Butterflies
APS Carvalho, RA St Laurent, EFA Toussaint, C Storer, KM Dexter, ...
Systematic Biology, 2020
Phylogenetic systematics, diversification, and biogeography of Cerurinae (Lepidoptera: Notodontidae) and a description of a new genus
RA St Laurent, PZ Goldstein, JS Miller, A Markee, HS Staude, ...
Insect Systematics and Diversity 7 (2), 1-25, 2023
Notes on the larva and natural history of Lacosoma arizonicum Dyar (Mimallonoidea, Mimallonidae) with new host and parasitoid records
RA St Laurent, DL Wagner, LE Reeves, AY Kawahara
The Journal of the Lepidopterists' Society 71 (3), 177-181, 2017
Revisions of the genera Lurama Schaus, 1928 and Ulmara Schaus, 1928 (Lepidoptera, Mimallonoidea, Mimallonidae) with the descriptions of three new Ulmara species and a new genus
RA St Laurent
ZooKeys, 57-92, 2016
Evolution and diversification dynamics of butterflies
AY Kawahara, C Storer, APS Carvalho, DM Plotkin, F Condamine, ...
bioRxiv, 2022.05. 17.491528, 2022
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