Justin Notestein
Justin Notestein
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Enhancing heterogeneous catalysis through cooperative hybrid organic–inorganic interfaces
JM Notestein, A Katz
Chemistry–A European Journal 12 (15), 3954-3965, 2006
Shape-selective sieving layers on an oxide catalyst surface
CP Canlas, J Lu, NA Ray, NA Grosso-Giordano, S Lee, JW Elam, ...
Nature chemistry 4 (12), 1030-1036, 2012
Grafted metallocalixarenes as single-site surface organometallic catalysts
JM Notestein, E Iglesia, A Katz
Journal of the American Chemical Society 126 (50), 16478-16486, 2004
Periodic Trends in Highly Dispersed Groups IV and V Supported Metal Oxide Catalysts for Alkene Epoxidation with H2O2
NE Thornburg, AB Thompson, JM Notestein
Acs Catalysis 5 (9), 5077-5088, 2015
Machine learning the quantum-chemical properties of metal–organic frameworks for accelerated materials discovery
AS Rosen, SM Iyer, D Ray, Z Yao, A Aspuru-Guzik, L Gagliardi, ...
Matter 4 (5), 1578-1597, 2021
The first single-step immobilization of a calix-[4]-arene onto the surface of silica
A Katz, P Da Costa, ACP Lam, JM Notestein
Chemistry of materials 14 (8), 3364-3368, 2002
Consequences of confinement for alkene epoxidation with hydrogen peroxide on highly dispersed group 4 and 5 metal oxide catalysts
DT Bregante, NE Thornburg, JM Notestein, DW Flaherty
Acs Catalysis 8 (4), 2995-3010, 2018
Structural Assessment and Catalytic Consequences of the Oxygen Coordination Environment in Grafted Ti− Calixarenes
JM Notestein, LR Andrini, VI Kalchenko, FG Requejo, A Katz, E Iglesia
Journal of the American Chemical Society 129 (5), 1122-1131, 2007
Stable metal–organic framework-supported niobium catalysts
S Ahn, NE Thornburg, Z Li, TC Wang, LC Gallington, KW Chapman, ...
Inorganic chemistry 55 (22), 11954-11961, 2016
Tandem In2O3-Pt/Al2O3 catalyst for coupling of propane dehydrogenation to selective H2 combustion
H Yan, K He, IA Samek, D Jing, MG Nanda, PC Stair, JM Notestein
Science 371 (6535), 1257-1260, 2021
Structure–activity relationships that identify metal–organic framework catalysts for methane activation
AS Rosen, JM Notestein, RQ Snurr
ACS catalysis 9 (4), 3576-3587, 2019
Identifying promising metal–organic frameworks for heterogeneous catalysis via high‐throughput periodic density functional theory
AS Rosen, JM Notestein, RQ Snurr
Journal of computational chemistry 40 (12), 1305-1318, 2019
The Role of Outer-Sphere Surface Acidity in Alkene Epoxidation Catalyzed by Calixarene− Ti (IV) Complexes
JM Notestein, A Solovyov, LR Andrini, FG Requejo, A Katz, E Iglesia
Journal of the American Chemical Society 129 (50), 15585-15595, 2007
Synthesis−Structure–Function Relationships of Silica-Supported Niobium(V) Catalysts for Alkene Epoxidation with H2O2
NE Thornburg, SL Nauert, AB Thompson, JM Notestein
ACS Catalysis 6 (9), 6124-6134, 2016
Photoluminescence and Charge-Transfer Complexes of Calixarenes Grafted on TiO2 Nanoparticles
JM Notestein, E Iglesia, A Katz
Chemistry of Materials 19 (20), 4998-5005, 2007
Pushing the Limits on Metal–Organic Frameworks as a Catalyst Support: NU-1000 Supported Tungsten Catalysts for o-Xylene Isomerization and Disproportionation
S Ahn, SL Nauert, CT Buru, M Rimoldi, H Choi, NM Schweitzer, JT Hupp, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 140 (27), 8535-8543, 2018
MOF-enabled confinement and related effects for chemical catalyst presentation and utilization
J Liu, TA Goetjen, Q Wang, JG Knapp, MC Wasson, Y Yang, ZH Syed, ...
Chemical Society Reviews 51 (3), 1045-1097, 2022
The role of amine surface density in carbon dioxide adsorption on functionalized mixed oxide surfaces
PD Young, JM Notestein
ChemSusChem 4 (11), 1671-1678, 2011
Manganese triazacyclononane oxidation catalysts grafted under reaction conditions on solid cocatalytic supports
NJ Schoenfeldt, Z Ni, AW Korinda, RJ Meyer, JM Notestein
Journal of the American Chemical Society 133 (46), 18684-18695, 2011
Grafted Ta–calixarenes: Tunable, selective catalysts for direct olefin epoxidation with aqueous hydrogen peroxide
N Morlanés, JM Notestein
Journal of Catalysis 275 (2), 191-201, 2010
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