rob koopman
rob koopman
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Clustering articles based on semantic similarity
S Wang, R Koopman
Scientometrics 111, 1017-1031, 2017
Comparison of topic extraction approaches and their results
T Velden, KW Boyack, J Gläser, R Koopman, A Scharnhorst, S Wang
Scientometrics 111, 1169-1221, 2017
Contextualization of topics: Browsing through the universe of bibliographic information
R Koopman, S Wang, A Scharnhorst
Scientometrics 111, 1119-1139, 2017
Mutual information based labelling and comparing clusters
R Koopman, S Wang
Scientometrics 111 (2), 1157-1167, 2017
Ariadne's thread: Interactive navigation in a world of networked information
R Koopman, S Wang, A Scharnhorst, G Englebienne
Proceedings of the 33rd Annual ACM Conference Extended Abstracts on Human …, 2015
Semantic Embedding for Information Retrieval.
S Wang, R Koopman
BIR@ ECIR, 122-132, 2017
A philosophical perspective on visualization for digital humanities
H Van Den Berg, A Betti, T Castermans, R Koopman, B Speckmann, ...
2018 Workshop on Visualization for Digital Humanities, 2018
Hierarchical structuring of cultural heritage objects within large aggregations
S Wang, A Isaac, V Charles, R Koopman, A Agoropoulou, T Van Der Werf
Research and Advanced Technology for Digital Libraries: International …, 2013
Bolvis: visualization for text-based research in philosophy
P Van Wierst, S Hofstede, Y Oortwijn, T Castermans, R Koopman, S Wang, ...
3rd Workshop on Visualization for the Digital Humanities, 2018
Bibliometrics and information retrieval: Creating knowledge through research synergies
J Bar‐Ilan, M John, R Koopman, S Wang, P Mayr, A Scharnhorst, ...
Proceedings of the Association for Information Science and Technology 53 (1 …, 2016
Fast and Discriminative Semantic Embedding.
R Koopman, S Wang, G Englebienne
IWCS (1), 235-246, 2019
Contextualization of topics-browsing through terms, authors, journals and cluster allocations
R Koopman, S Wang, A Scharnhorst
arXiv preprint arXiv:1504.04208, 2015
Solarview: low distortion radial embedding with a focus
T Castermans, K Verbeek, B Speckmann, MA Westenberg, R Koopman, ...
IEEE transactions on visualization and computer graphics 25 (10), 2969-2982, 2018
Bolzano, Kant and the Traditional Theory of Concepts: A Computational Investigation
A Ginammi, R Koopman, S Wang, J Bloem, A Betti
Pittsburgh, Pa. University of Pittsburgh Press, 2022
Where should I publish? Detecting journal similarity based on what have been published there
R Koopman, S Wang
IEEE/ACM Joint Conference on Digital Libraries, 483-484, 2014
Embed First, Then Predict
S Wang, R Koopman
KO KNOWLEDGE ORGANIZATION 46 (5), 364-370, 2019
A two-step approach toward subject prediction
R Koopman, S Wang
17th International Conference on Scientometrics and Informetrics, ISSI 2019 …, 2019
Non-Parametric Subject Prediction
S Wang, R Koopman, G Englebienne
Digital Libraries for Open Knowledge: 23rd International Conference on …, 2019
An innovative approach to scalable semantic embedding
R Koopman, S Wang
Same Data, Different Results? On a Comparative Topic Extraction Exercise
T Velden, K Boyack, N van Eck, W Glänzel, J Gläser, F Havemann, ...
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