Roman Jerala
Roman Jerala
Department of Synthetic Biology and Immunology, National institute of Chemistry, Ljubljana, Slovenia
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The refined 2.4 AX‐ray crystal structure of recombinant human stefin B in complex with the cysteine proteinase papain: a novel type of proteinase inhibitor interaction.
MT Stubbs, B Laber, W Bode, R Huber, R Jerala, B Lenarcic, V Turk
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Mechanism of endosomal TLR inhibition by antimalarial drugs and imidazoquinolines
A Kužnik, M Benčina, U Švajger, M Jeras, B Rozman, R Jerala
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Structural biology of the LPS recognition
R Jerala
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Characterization of quercetin binding site on DNA gyrase
A Plaper, M Golob, I Hafner, M Oblak, T Šolmajer, R Jerala
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Design of a single-chain polypeptide tetrahedron assembled from coiled-coil segments
H Gradišar, S Božič, T Doles, D Vengust, I Hafner-Bratkovič, A Mertelj, ...
Nature chemical biology 9 (6), 362, 2013
Three‐dimensional domain swapping in the folded and molten‐globule states of cystatins, an amyloid‐forming structural superfamily
RA Staniforth, S Giannini, LD Higgins, MJ Conroy, AM Hounslow, ...
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Similarities and specificities of fungal keratinolytic proteases: comparison of keratinases of Paecilomyces marquandii and Doratomyces microsporus to some known proteases
H Gradišar, J Friedrich, I Križaj, R Jerala
Appl. Environ. Microbiol. 71 (7), 3420-3426, 2005
DNA-guided assembly of biosynthetic pathways promotes improved catalytic efficiency
RJ Conrado, GC Wu, JT Boock, H Xu, SY Chen, T Lebar, J Turnšek, ...
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Green tea catechins inhibit bacterial DNA gyrase by interaction with its ATP binding site
H Gradišar, P Pristovšek, A Plaper, R Jerala
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Primary structure of a new cysteine proteinase inhibitor from pig leucocytes
A Ritonja, M Kopitar, R Jerala, V Turk
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Structural model of MD-2 and functional role of its basic amino acid clusters involved in cellular lipopolysaccharide recognition
A Gruber, M Manček, H Wagner, CJ Kirschning, R Jerala
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The POM monoclonals: a comprehensive set of antibodies to non-overlapping prion protein epitopes
M Polymenidou, R Moos, M Scott, C Sigurdson, Y Shi, B Yajima, ...
PloS one 3 (12), 2008
The three-dimensional solution structure of human stefin A
JR Martin, JC Craven, R Jerala, L Kroon-Žitko, E Žerovnik, V Turk, ...
Journal of molecular biology 246 (2), 331-343, 1995
MD‐2 as the target of curcumin in the inhibition of response to LPS
H Gradišar, MM Keber, P Pristovšek, R Jerala
Journal of leukocyte biology 82 (4), 968-974, 2007
Enhancement of antibacterial and lipopolysaccharide binding activities of a human lactoferrin peptide fragment by the addition of acyl chain
A Majerle, J Kidrič, R Jerala
Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy 51 (5), 1159-1165, 2003
Curcumin binds to the α‐helical intermediate and to the amyloid form of prion protein – a new mechanism for the inhibition of PrPSc accumulation
I Hafner‐Bratkovič, J Gašperšič, LM Šmid, M Bresjanac, R Jerala
Journal of neurochemistry 104 (6), 1553-1564, 2008
Mixed-valence Cu (II)/Cu (I) complex of quinolone ciprofloxacin isolated by a hydrothermal reaction in the presence of l-histidine: comparison of biological activities of …
P Drevenšek, T Zupančič, B Pihlar, R Jerala, U Kolitsch, A Plaper, I Turel
Journal of inorganic biochemistry 99 (2), 432-442, 2005
Chemistry of lipid A: at the heart of innate immunity
A Molinaro, O Holst, F Di Lorenzo, M Callaghan, A Nurisso, G D'Errico, ...
Chemistry–A European Journal 21 (2), 500-519, 2015
Toll-like receptor 4 activation in cancer progression and therapy
A Oblak, R Jerala
Clinical and Developmental Immunology 2011, 2011
Enhancement of endotoxin neutralization by coupling of a C12-alkyl chain to a lactoferricin-derived peptide
J Andrä, K Lohner, SE Blondelle, R Jerala, I Moriyon, MHJ Koch, ...
Biochemical Journal 385 (1), 135-143, 2005
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