Grisa Mocnik
Grisa Mocnik
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The" dual-spot" Aethalometer: an improved measurement of aerosol black carbon with real-time loading compensation
L Drinovec, G Močnik, P Zotter, ASH Prévôt, C Ruckstuhl, E Coz, ...
Atmospheric Measurement Techniques 8 (5), 1965-1979, 2015
Evaluation of the absorption Ångström exponents for traffic and wood burning in the Aethalometer-based source apportionment using radiocarbon measurements of ambient aerosol
P Zotter, H Herich, M Gysel, I El-Haddad, Y Zhang, G Močnik, C Hüglin, ...
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 17 (6), 4229-4249, 2017
Secondary organic aerosol formation from gasoline vehicle emissions in a new mobile environmental reaction chamber
SM Platt, IE Haddad, AA Zardini, M Clairotte, C Astorga, R Wolf, JG Slowik, ...
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 13 (18), 9141-9158, 2013
Measurement of black carbon concentration as an indicator of air quality benefits of traffic restriction policies within the ecopass zone in Milan, Italy
G Invernizzi, A Ruprecht, R Mazza, C De Marco, G Močnik, C Sioutas, ...
Atmospheric Environment 45 (21), 3522-3527, 2011
Impact of traffic volume and composition on the air quality and pedestrian exposure in urban street canyon
A Rakowska, KC Wong, T Townsend, KL Chan, D Westerdahl, S Ng, ...
Atmospheric Environment 98, 260-270, 2014
Contributions of nitrated aromatic compounds to the light absorption of water-soluble and particulate brown carbon in different atmospheric environments in Germany and China
M Teich, D van Pinxteren, M Wang, S Kecorius, Z Wang, T Müller, ...
Atmospheric measurement techniques, Papers in open discussion, 2016
Spatial and temporal variability of carbonaceous aerosols: Assessing the impact of biomass burning in the urban environment
G Titos, A Del Águila, A Cazorla, H Lyamani, JA Casquero-Vera, ...
Science of The Total Environment 578, 613-625, 2017
Two years of near real-time chemical composition of submicron aerosols in the region of Paris using an Aerosol Chemical Speciation Monitor (ACSM) and a multi-wavelength …
JE Petit, O Favez, J Sciare, V Crenn, R Sarda-Esteve, N Bonnaire, ...
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 15 (6), 2985-3005, 2015
ACTRIS ACSM intercomparison–Part 2: Intercomparison of ME-2 organic source apportionment results from 15 individual, co-located aerosol mass spectrometers
R Fröhlich, V Crenn, A Setyan, A Belis, F Canonaco, O Favez, V Riffault, ...
Atmospheric Measurement Techniques 8 (6), 2555-2576, 2014
ACTRIS ACSM intercomparison–Part 1: Reproducibility of concentration and fragment results from 13 individual Quadrupole Aerosol Chemical Speciation Monitors (Q-ACSM) and …
V Crenn, J Sciare, PL Croteau, S Verlhac, R Fröhlich, CA Belis, W Aas, ...
Atmospheric Measurement Techniques 8 (12), 5063-5087, 2015
Thermal-optical analysis for the measurement of elemental carbon (EC) and organic carbon (OC) in ambient air a literature review
A Karanasiou, MC Minguillón, M Viana, A Alastuey, JP Putaud, ...
Measurement 8, 9649-9712, 2015
Characterization of primary and secondary wood combustion products generated under different burner loads
EA Bruns, M Krapf, J Orasche, Y Huang, R Zimmermann, L Drinovec, ...
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 15 (5), 2825-2841, 2015
Evaluation of the impact of transportation changes on air quality
G Titos, H Lyamani, L Drinovec, FJ Olmo, G Močnik, L Alados-Arboledas
Atmospheric Environment 114, 19-31, 2015
Vertical profiles of aerosol absorption coefficient from micro-Aethalometer data and Mie calculation over Milan
L Ferrero, G Mocnik, BS Ferrini, MG Perrone, G Sangiorgi, E Bolzacchini
Science of the Total Environment 409 (14), 2824-2837, 2011
Impact of black carbon aerosol over Italian basin valleys: high-resolution measurements along vertical profiles, radiative forcing and heating rate
L Ferrero, M Castelli, BS Ferrini, M Moscatelli, MG Perrone, G Sangiorgi, ...
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 14 (18), 9641-9664, 2014
Overview of the impact of wood burning emissions on carbonaceous aerosols and PM in large parts of the Alpine region
H Herich, MFD Gianini, C Piot, G Močnik, JL Jaffrezo, JL Besombes, ...
Atmospheric Environment 89, 64-75, 2014
Production of particulate brown carbon during atmospheric aging of residential wood-burning emissions
NK Kumar, JC Corbin, EA Bruns, D Massabó, JG Slowik, L Drinovec, ...
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 18 (24), 17843-17861, 2018
Black carbon mass size distributions of diesel exhaust and urban aerosols measured using differential mobility analyzer in tandem with Aethalometer
Z Ning, KL Chan, KC Wong, D Westerdahl, G Močnik, JH Zhou, ...
Atmospheric Environment 80, 31-40, 2013
An apportionment method for the oxidative potential of atmospheric particulate matter sources: application to a one-year study in Chamonix, France
S Weber, G Uzu, A Calas, F Chevrier, JL Besombes, A Charron, ...
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 18 (13), 9617-9629, 2018
Submicron aerosol source apportionment of wintertime pollution in Paris, France by double positive matrix factorization (PMF 2) using an aerosol chemical speciation monitor …
JE Petit, O Favez, J Sciare, F Canonaco, P Croteau, G Močnik, J Jayne, ...
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 14 (24), 13773-13787, 2014
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