Daniel Kolarich
Daniel Kolarich
Institute for Glycomics, Griffith University
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Structural analysis of N-and O-glycans released from glycoproteins
PH Jensen, NG Karlsson, D Kolarich, NH Packer
Nature protocols 7 (7), 1299-1310, 2012
Analysis of immunoglobulin glycosylation by LC‐ESI‐MS of glycopeptides and oligosaccharides
J Stadlmann, M Pabst, D Kolarich, R Kunert, F Altmann
Proteomics 8 (14), 2858-2871, 2008
Simultaneous glycan-peptide characterization using hydrophilic interaction chromatography and parallel fragmentation by CID, higher energy collisional dissociation, and …
NE Scott, BL Parker, AM Connolly, J Paulech, AVG Edwards, B Crossett, ...
Molecular & cellular proteomics 10 (2), S1-S18, 2011
Mucin‐type O‐glycosylation–putting the pieces together
PH Jensen, D Kolarich, NH Packer
The FEBS journal 277 (1), 81-94, 2010
Analysis of Asn-linked glycans from vegetable foodstuffs: widespread occurrence of Lewis a, core α1, 3‐linked fucose and xylose substitutions
IBH Wilson, R Zeleny, D Kolarich, E Staudacher, CJM Stroop, ...
Glycobiology 11 (4), 261-274, 2001
Integrative epigenome-wide analysis demonstrates that DNA methylation may mediate genetic risk in inflammatory bowel disease
NT Ventham, NA Kennedy, AT Adams, R Kalla, S Heath, KR O'leary, ...
Nature communications 7 (1), 13507, 2016
Antibody binding to venom carbohydrates is a frequent cause for double positivity to honeybee and yellow jacket venom in patients with stinging-insect allergy
W Hemmer, M Focke, D Kolarich, IBH Wilson, F Altmann, S Wöhrl, M Götz, ...
Journal of allergy and clinical immunology 108 (6), 1045-1052, 2001
Determination of site-specific glycan heterogeneity on glycoproteins
D Kolarich, PH Jensen, F Altmann, NH Packer
Nature protocols 7 (7), 1285-1298, 2012
Biological activity of IgE specific for cross-reactive carbohydrate determinants
K Foetisch, S Westphal, I Lauer, M Retzek, F Altmann, D Kolarich, ...
Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology 111 (4), 889-896, 2003
Comprehensive glyco‐proteomic analysis of human α1‐antitrypsin and its charge isoforms
D Kolarich, A Weber, PL Turecek, HP Schwarz, F Altmann
Proteomics 6 (11), 3369-3380, 2006
N-Glycan analysis by matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization mass spectrometry of electrophoretically separated nonmammalian proteins: application to peanut allergen Ara h …
D Kolarich, F Altmann
Analytical biochemistry 285 (1), 64-75, 2000
Trichomonas vaginalis: metronidazole and other nitroimidazole drugs are reduced by the flavin enzyme thioredoxin reductase and disrupt the cellular redox system …
D Leitsch, D Kolarich, M Binder, J Stadlmann, F Altmann, M Duchêne
Molecular microbiology 72 (2), 518-536, 2009
Nitroimidazole Action in Entamoeba histolytica: A Central Role for Thioredoxin Reductase
D Leitsch, D Kolarich, IBH Wilson, F Altmann, M Duchêne
PLoS biology 5 (8), e211, 2007
Plant-based heterologous expression of Mal d 2, a thaumatin-like protein and allergen of apple (Malus domestica), and its characterization as an antifungal protein
M Krebitz, B Wagner, F Ferreira, C Peterbauer, N Campillo, M Witty, ...
Journal of molecular biology 329 (4), 721-730, 2003
Quantitative mapping of glycoprotein micro‐heterogeneity and macro‐heterogeneity: an evaluation of mass spectrometry signal strengths using synthetic peptides and glycopeptides
K Stavenhagen, H Hinneburg, M Thaysen‐Andersen, L Hartmann, ...
Journal of Mass Spectrometry 48 (6), 627-639, 2013
Comparison of fluorescent labels for oligosaccharides and introduction of a new postlabeling purification method
M Pabst, D Kolarich, G Pöltl, T Dalik, G Lubec, A Hofinger, F Altmann
Analytical biochemistry 384 (2), 263-273, 2009
Comparison of methods for profiling O-glycosylation: human proteome organisation human disease glycomics/proteome initiative multi-institutional study of IgA1
Y Wada, A Dell, SM Haslam, B Tissot, K Canis, P Azadi, M Bäckström, ...
Molecular & Cellular Proteomics 9 (4), 719-727, 2010
Structural Feature Ions for Distinguishing N- and O-Linked Glycan Isomers by LC-ESI-IT MS/MS
AV Everest-Dass, JL Abrahams, D Kolarich, NH Packer, MP Campbell
Journal of the American Society for Mass Spectrometry 24 (6), 895-906, 2013
Hazelnut (Corylus avellana) vicilin Cor a 11: molecular characterization of a glycoprotein and its allergenic activity
I Lauer, K Foetisch, D Kolarich, BK Ballmer-Weber, A Conti, F Altmann, ...
Biochemical Journal 383 (2), 327-334, 2004
The role of glycosylation in IBD
E Theodoratou, H Campbell, NT Ventham, D Kolarich, M Pučić-Baković, ...
Nature reviews Gastroenterology & hepatology 11 (10), 588-600, 2014
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