Sahar Asadi
Sahar Asadi
Director of AI Labs at King (part of Microsoft)
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Kavosh: a new algorithm for finding network motifs
ZRM Kashani, H Ahrabian, E Elahi, A Nowzari-Dalini, ES Ansari, S Asadi, ...
BMC bioinformatics 10, 1-12, 2009
Autonomous gas-sensitive microdrone: Wind vector estimation and gas distribution mapping
PP Neumann, S Asadi, AJ Lilienthal, M Bartholmai, JH Schiller
Robotics & Automation Magazine, IEEE 19 (1), 50-61, 2012
Dynamic positioning based on voronoi cells (dpvc)
HAT Dashti, N Aghaeepour, S Asadi, M Bastani, Z Delafkar, FM Disfani, ...
RoboCup 2005: Robot Soccer World Cup IX, 219-229, 2005
Monitoring of CCS areas using micro unmanned aerial vehicles (MUAVs)
PP Neumann, S Asadi, VH Bennetts, AJ Lilienthal, M Bartholmai
Energy Procedia 37, 4182-4190, 2013
An Artificial Potential Field based Sampling Strategy for a Gas-Sensitive Micro-Drone
P Neumann, S Asadi, JH Schiller, A Lilienthal, M Bartholmai
Proc. IROS 2011 Workshop Robotics for Environmental Monitoring (WREM, 34-38, 2011
Integration of openfoam flow simulation and filament-based gas propagation models for gas dispersion simulation
S Pashami, S Asadi, AJ Lilienthal
Proceedings of the Open Source CFD International Conference 2, 2010
Time-dependent gas distribution modelling
S Asadi, H Fan, VH Bennetts, AJ Lilienthal
Robotics and Autonomous Systems 96, 157-170, 2017
Statistical Gas Distribution Modelling Using Kernel Methods
S Asadi, M Reggente, C Stachniss, C Plagemann, AJ Lilienthal
Intelligent Systems for Machine Olfaction: Tools and Methodologies, 153-179, 2011
TD Kernel DM+ V: Time-Dependent Statistical Gas Distribution Modelling on Simulated Measurement
S Asadi, S Pashami, A Loutfi, AJ Lilienthal
AIP Conference Proceedings Volume 1362: Olfaction and Electronic Nose …, 2011
Capturing local and global patterns in procedural content generation via machine learning
V Volz, N Justesen, S Snodgrass, S Asadi, S Purmonen, C Holmgård, ...
2020 IEEE Conference on Games (CoG), 399-406, 2020
ICT solutions supporting collaborative information acquisition, situation assessment and decision making in contemporary environmental management problems: the DIADEM approach
S Asadi, C Badica, T Comes, C Conrado, V Evers, F Groen, S Illie, ...
Conference on Innovations in Sharing Environmental Observation and …, 2011
Simple, scalable, and stable variational deep clustering
L Cao, S Asadi, W Zhu, C Schmidli, M Sjöberg
Joint European Conference on Machine Learning and Knowledge Discovery in …, 2020
Estimating Predictive Variance for Statistical Gas Distribution Modelling
AJ Lilienthal, S Asadi, M Reggente
AIP: Olfaction and Electronic Nose-Proc. ISOEN 1137, 65-68, 2009
Use all your skills, not only the most popular ones
F Lorenzo, S Asadi, A Karnsund, L Cao, T Wang, AH Payberah
2020 IEEE Conference on Games (CoG), 682-685, 2020
Approaches to time-dependent gas distribution modelling
S Asadi, A Lilienthal
2015 European Conference on Mobile Robots (ECMR), 1-6, 2015
Computer system, a computer device and a computer implemented method
CAO Lele, S Asadi
US Patent 11,501,216, 2022
CANDYRL: A Hybrid Reinforcement Learning Model for Gameplay
S Karimi, S Asadi, L Francesco, AH Payberah
The IEEE International Conference on Machine Learning and Applications (ICMLA), 2022
Towards Dense Air Quality Monitoring: Time-Dependent Statistical Gas Distribution Modelling and Sensor Planning
S Asadi
Örebro University, 2017
Ututd2005-3d team description paper
HAT Dashti, N Aghaeepour, S Asadi, M Bastani, Z Delafkar, FM Disfani, ...
Team Description Paper for the RoboCup-2005 in Osaka, Japan 30, 2005
player2vec: A Language Modeling Approach to Understand Player Behavior in Games
T Wang, M Honari-Jahromi, S Katsarou, O Mikheeva, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:2404.04234, 2024
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