Vili Podgorelec
Vili Podgorelec
Professor of Computer Science, University of Maribor, Slovenia
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Decision trees: an overview and their use in medicine
V Podgorelec, P Kokol, B Stiglic, I Rozman
Journal of medical systems 26, 445-463, 2002
A survey of genetic algorithms for solving multi depot vehicle routing problem
S Karakatič, V Podgorelec
Applied Soft Computing 27, 519-532, 2015
Swarm intelligence algorithms for feature selection: a review
L Brezočnik, I Fister Jr, V Podgorelec
Applied Sciences 8 (9), 1521, 2018
Text classification method based on self-training and LDA topic models
M Pavlinek, V Podgorelec
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Transfer learning with adaptive fine-tuning
G Vrbančič, V Podgorelec
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Genetic algorithm based system for patient scheduling in highly constrained situations
V Podgorelec, P Kokol
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Taking advantage of education data: Advanced data analysis and reporting in virtual learning environments
V Podgorelec, S Kuhar
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Datasets for phishing websites detection
G Vrbančič, I Fister Jr, V Podgorelec
Data in Brief 33, 106438, 2020
Swarm intelligence approaches for parameter setting of deep learning neural network: case study on phishing websites classification
G Vrbančič, I Fister Jr, V Podgorelec
Proceedings of the 8th international conference on web intelligence, mining …, 2018
Knowledge discovery with classification rules in a cardiovascular dataset
V Podgorelec, P Kokol, MM Stiglic, M Heričko, I Rozman
Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine 80, S39-S49, 2005
Improving mining of medical data by outliers prediction
V Podgorelec, M Hericko, I Rozman
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Towards more optimal medical diagnosing with evolutionary algorithms
V Podgorelec, P Kokol
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Automatic classification of motor impairment neural disorders from EEG signals using deep convolutional neural networks
G Vrbancic, V Podgorelec
Elektronika ir Elektrotechnika 24 (4), 3-7, 2018
Analyzing EEG signals with machine learning for diagnosing Alzheimer’s disease
V Podgorelec
Elektronika ir elektrotechnika 18 (8), 61-64, 2012
Finding the right decision tree's induction strategy for a hard real world problem
M Zorman, V Podgorelec, P Kokol, M Peterson, M Šprogar, M Ojsteršek
International journal of medical informatics 63 (1-2), 109-121, 2001
Identification of self-admitted technical debt using enhanced feature selection based on word embedding
J Flisar, V Podgorelec
IEEE Access 7, 106475-106494, 2019
Decision tree learning
V Podgorelec, M Zorman
Encyclopedia of Complexity and Systems Science, 1-28, 2015
Medical diagnostic process optimization through the semantic integration of data resources
V Podgorelec, B Grašič, L Pavlič
Computer methods and programs in biomedicine 95 (2), S55-S67, 2009
Evolutionary induced decision trees for dangerous software modules prediction
V Podgorelec, P Kokol
Information Processing Letters 82 (1), 31-38, 2002
A question-based design pattern advisement approach
L Pavlič, V Podgorelec, M Heričko
Computer Science and Information Systems 11 (2), 645-664, 2014
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