Sourav Mitra
Sourav Mitra
Asst. Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, IIT Kharagpur, India
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Theoretical framework to evaluate minimum desorption temperature for IUPAC classified adsorption isotherms
M Mahabubul, S Mitra, K Thu, K Ito, BB Saha
International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer 122, 795-805, 2018
Study on biomass derived activated carbons for adsorptive heat pump application
A Pal, K Thu, S Mitra, II El-Sharkawy, BB Saha, HS Kil, SH Yoon, ...
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Study on boiling heat transfer of water–TiO2 and water–MWCNT nanofluids based laminar jet impingement on heated steel surface
S Mitra, SK Saha, S Chakraborty, S Das
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Solar driven adsorption desalination system
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Synthesis and characterization of silica gel composite with polymer binders for adsorption cooling applications
MM Younes, II El-sharkawy, AE Kabeel, K Uddin, A Pal, S Mitra, K Thu, ...
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Ionic liquid as a new binder for activated carbon based consolidated composite adsorbents
A Pal, MSR Shahrom, M Moniruzzaman, CD Wilfred, S Mitra, K Thu, ...
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Study on the influence of adsorbent particle size and heat exchanger aspect ratio on dynamic adsorption characteristics
S Mitra, M Muttakin, K Thu, BB Saha
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A Pal, HS Kil, S Mitra, K Thu, BB Saha, SH Yoon, J Miyawaki, T Miyazaki, ...
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Development and performance studies of an air cooled two-stage multi-bed silica gel+ water adsorption system
S Mitra, P Kumar, K Srinivasan, P Dutta
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Performance evaluation and determination of minimum desorption temperature of a two-stage air cooled silica gel/water adsorption system
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Modeling study of two-stage, multi-bed air cooled silica gel + water adsorption cooling cum desalination system
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Improved model for the isosteric heat of adsorption and impacts on the performance of heat pump cycles
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Influence of cycle time and collector area on solar driven adsorption chillers
AK Jaiswal, S Mitra, P Dutta, K Srinivasan, SS Murthy
Solar Energy 136, 450-459, 2016
Scaling analysis and numerical studies on water vapour adsorption in a columnar porous silica gel bed
S Mitra, N Aswin, P Dutta
International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer 95, 853–864, 2016
Effect of nanofluid concentration and composition on laminar jet impinged cooling of heated steel plate
MK Singh, D Yadav, S Arpit, S Mitra, SK Saha
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On surface energy and acid–base properties of highly porous parent and surface treated activated carbons using inverse gas chromatography
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Studies on dynamics of two-stage air cooled water/silica gel adsorption system
MR Manila, S Mitra, P Dutta
Applied Thermal Engineering 178, 115552, 2020
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