Borja Hernandez
Borja Hernandez
University of Delaware; Universidad de Salamanca
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Optimal process operation for biogas reforming to methanol: effects of dry reforming and biogas composition
B Hernández, M Martín
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Optimization for biogas to chemicals via tri-reforming. Analysis of Fischer-Tropsch fuels from biogas
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Energy conversion and management 174, 998-1013, 2018
Bio-waste selection and blending for the optimal production of power and fuels via anaerobic digestion
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B Hernandez, M Martin
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Optimal production of syngas via super-dry reforming. Analysis for natural gas and biogas under different CO2 taxes
B Hernández, M Martín
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Accelerating manufacturing for biomass conversion via integrated process and bench digitalization: a perspective
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Optimal integrated plant for waste to biodiesel production
B Hernández, M Martin
2017 AIChE Annual Meeting, 2017
Optimal composition of the biogas for dry reforming in the production of methanol
B Hernández, M Martín
Ind. Eng. Chem. Res 55 (23), 6677-6685, 2016
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Single droplet drying of detergents: Experimentation and modelling
B Hernandez, R Mondragon, MA Pinto, L Hernandez, JE Julia, JC Jarque, ...
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Multiscale Analysis for the Exploitation of Bioresources: From Reactor Design to Supply Chain Analysis
A Sánchez, B Hernández, M Martín
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Generation of a surrogate compartment model for counter-current spray dryer. Fluxes and momentum modeling
B Hernández, MA Pinto, M Martín
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Water as a resource: renewable energies and technologies for brine revalorization
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Numerical study of airflow regimes and instabilities produced by the swirl generation chamber in counter-current spray dryers
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Chemical Engineering Research and Design 176, 89-101, 2021
The Use of Optimized Restitution Coefficients to Improve Residence Time Prediction in Computational Fluid Dynamics-Discrete Parcel Method Models for Counter-Current Spray Dryers
B Hernandez, V Francia, M Crosby, H Ahmadian, P Gupta, ...
Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 60 (47), 17091-17109, 2021
Solar Energy as Source for Power and Chemicals
L Martín, B Hernández, M Martín
Alternative Energy Sources and Technologies, 181-206, 2016
Plastic waste upgrade to olefins via mild slurry microwave pyrolysis over solid acids
E Selvam, PA Kots, B Hernandez, A Malhotra, W Chen, JM Catala-Civera, ...
Chemical Engineering Journal, 140332, 2022
Coupling Process Intensification and Systems Flowsheeting for Economic and Environmental Analysis of 5-Hydroxymethyl Furfural Modular Microreactor Plants
B Hernández, DG Vlachos, MG Ierapetritou
ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering, 2022
Laboratorio Virtual en Ingeniería Química
M Martín Martín, B Hernández Blázquez, A Sánchez, E Martín-Hernández, ...
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