Tao Zhang
Tao Zhang
School of Computer Science and Engineering, Macau University of Science and Technology
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Software defect prediction based on kernel PCA and weighted extreme learning machine
Z Xu, J Liu, X Luo, Z Yang, Y Zhang, P Yuan, Y Tang, T Zhang
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Towards more accurate severity prediction and fixer recommendation of software bugs
T Zhang, J Chen, G Yang, B Lee, X Luo
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Can we trust the privacy policies of android apps?
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A Literature Review of Research in Bug Resolution: Tasks, Challenges and Future Directions
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Cross-version defect prediction via hybrid active learning with kernel principal component analysis
Z Xu, J Liu, X Luo, T Zhang
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An unsupervised approach for discovering relevant tutorial fragments for APIs
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Rosf: Leveraging information retrieval and supervised learning for recommending code snippets
H Jiang, L Nie, Z Sun, Z Ren, W Kong, T Zhang, X Luo
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Cross project defect prediction via balanced distribution adaptation based transfer learning
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AutoPPG: Towards Automatic Generation of Privacy Policy for Android Applications
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GaitLock: Protect virtual and augmented reality headsets using gait
Y Shen, H Wen, C Luo, W Xu, T Zhang, W Hu, D Rus
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A hybrid bug triage algorithm for developer recommendation
T Zhang, B Lee
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LDFR: Learning deep feature representation for software defect prediction
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Towards Automatically Generating Privacy Policy for Android Apps
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Selfapr: Self-supervised program repair with test execution diagnostics
H Ye, M Martinez, X Luo, T Zhang, M Monperrus
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Bug report enrichment with application of automated fixer recommendation
T Zhang, J Chen, H Jiang, X Luo, X Xia
2017 IEEE/ACM 25th International Conference on Program Comprehension (ICPC …, 2017
A novel developer ranking algorithm for automatic bug triage using topic model and developer relations
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Ppchecker: Towards accessing the trustworthiness of android apps’ privacy policies
L Yu, X Luo, J Chen, H Zhou, T Zhang, H Chang, HKN Leung
IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering 47 (2), 221-242, 2018
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