Dibyendu Roy
Dibyendu Roy
Assistant Professor, IIIT Vadodara
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Preparing dicke states on a quantum computer
CS Mukherjee, S Maitra, V Gaurav, D Roy
IEEE Transactions on Quantum Engineering 1, 1-17, 2020
Analysis of the strict avalanche criterion in variants of arbiter-based physically unclonable functions
AA Siddhanti, S Bodapati, A Chattopadhyay, S Maitra, D Roy, P Stănică
Progress in Cryptology–INDOCRYPT 2019: 20th International Conference on …, 2019
New cube distinguishers on NFSR-based stream ciphers
A Kesarwani, D Roy, S Sarkar, W Meier
Designs, Codes and Cryptography 88 (1), 173-199, 2020
Analysis on Boolean function in a restricted (biased) domain
S Maitra, B Mandal, T Martinsen, D Roy, P Stănică
IEEE Transactions on Information Theory 66 (2), 1219-1231, 2019
Tools in analyzing linear approximation for Boolean functions related to FLIP
S Maitra, B Mandal, T Martinsen, D Roy, P Stănică
Progress in Cryptology–INDOCRYPT 2018: 19th International Conference on …, 2018
A probabilistic algebraic attack on the grain family of stream ciphers
P Datta, D Roy, S Mukhopadhyay
Network and System Security: 8th International Conference, NSS 2014, Xi’an …, 2014
Fault analysis and weak key-IV attack on Sprout
D Roy, S Mukhopadhyay
Differential fault attack on kreyvium & FLIP
D Roy, B Bathe, S Maitra
IEEE Transactions on Computers 70 (12), 2161-2167, 2020
Some results on ACORN
D Roy, S Mukhopadhyay
A state recovery attack on ACORN-v1 and ACORN-v2
DK Dalai, D Roy
International Conference on Network and System Security, 332-345, 2017
Algebraic cryptanalysis of stream ciphers using decomposition of Boolean function
D Roy, P Datta, S Mukhopadhyay
Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computing 49, 397-417, 2015
Differential fault attack on Espresso
B Bathe, S Tiwari, R Anand, D Roy, S Maitra
International Conference on Cryptology in India, 271-286, 2021
Distinguisher and non‐randomness of Grain‐v1 for 112, 114 and 116 initialisation rounds with multiple‐bit difference in IVs
DK Dalai, S Maitra, S Pal, D Roy
IET Information Security 13 (6), 603-613, 2019
Differential fault attack on rasta and filip-dsm
R Radheshwar, M Kansal, P Méaux, D Roy
IEEE Transactions on Computers 72 (8), 2418-2425, 2023
An observation of non-randomness in nfsr-based stream ciphers with reduced initialization round
D Roy, DK Dalai
Journal of Hardware and Systems Security 5 (2), 89-102, 2021
Limitation of the BLR testing in estimating nonlinearity
D Bera, S Maitra, D Roy, P Stanica
How do the arbiter PUFs sample the Boolean function class?
A Roy, D Roy, S Maitra
International Conference on Selected Areas in Cryptography, 111-130, 2021
Design and Cryptanalysis of ZUC: A Stream Cipher in Mobile Telephony
CS Mukherjee, D Roy, S Maitra
Springer, 2021
Design specification of ZUC stream cipher
CS Mukherjee, D Roy, S Maitra, CS Mukherjee, D Roy, S Maitra
Design and cryptanalysis of ZUC: A stream cipher in mobile telephony, 43-62, 2021
New constructions of T-function
D Roy, A Chaturvedi, S Mukhopadhyay
Information Security Practice and Experience: 11th International Conference …, 2015
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