Eileen Hebets
Eileen Hebets
Professor of Biology, University of Nebraska
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Complex signal function: developing a framework of testable hypotheses
EA Hebets, DR Papaj
Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology 57, 197-214, 2005
Female mate choice based upon male motor performance
J Byers, E Hebets, J Podos
Animal Behaviour 79 (4), 771-778, 2010
Subadult experience influences adult mate choice in an arthropod: exposed female wolf spiders prefer males of a familiar phenotype
EA Hebets
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 100 (23), 13390-13395, 2003
An introduction to multimodal communication
JP Higham, EA Hebets
Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology 67, 1381-1388, 2013
Embracing multiple definitions of learning
AB Barron, EA Hebets, TA Cleland, CL Fitzpatrick, ME Hauber, ...
Trends in neurosciences 38 (7), 405-407, 2015
A systems approach to animal communication
EA Hebets, AB Barron, CN Balakrishnan, ME Hauber, PH Mason, ...
Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 283 (1826), 20152889, 2016
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EA Hebets
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EA Hebets, GW Uetz
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EA Hebets, J Wesson, PS Shamble
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Female preference for complex/novel signals in a spider
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EA Hebets, CJ Vink
Behavioral Ecology 18 (6), 1010-1020, 2007
Courtship effort is a better predictor of mating success than ornamentation for male wolf spiders
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Complex courtship displays facilitate male reproductive success and plasticity in signaling across variable environments
DJ Wilgers, EA Hebets
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Diversification under sexual selection: the relative roles of mate preference strength and the degree of divergence in mate preferences
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Ecology letters 16 (8), 964-974, 2013
The dominance of seismic signaling and selection for signal complexity in Schizocosa multimodal courtship displays
EA Hebets, CJ Vink, L Sullivan-Beckers, MF Rosenthal
Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology 67, 1483-1498, 2013
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Seismic signal dominance in the multimodal courtship display of the wolf spider Schizocosa stridulans Stratton 1991
EA Hebets
Behavioral Ecology 19 (6), 1250-1257, 2008
Substrate-dependent signalling success in the wolf spider, Schizocosa retrorsa
EA Hebets, DO Elias, AC Mason, GL Miller, GE Stratton
Animal Behaviour 75 (2), 605-615, 2008
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