Michael S. Brewer
Michael S. Brewer
Associate Professor, Department of Biology, East Carolina University
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Divergence and functional degradation of a sex chromosome-like supergene
EM Tuttle, AO Bergland, ML Korody, MS Brewer, DJ Newhouse, P Minx, ...
Current Biology 26 (3), 344-350, 2016
An evaluation of sampling effects on multiple DNA barcoding methods leads to an integrative approach for delimiting species: a case study of the North American tarantula genus …
CA Hamilton, BE Hendrixson, MS Brewer, JE Bond
Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 71, 79-93, 2014
Millipede taxonomy after 250 years: classification and taxonomic practices in a mega-diverse yet understudied arthropod group
MS Brewer, P Sierwald, JE Bond
PLoS One 7 (5), e37240, 2012
Community assembly on isolated islands: macroecology meets evolution
AJ Rominger, KR Goodman, JY Lim, EE Armstrong, LE Becking, ...
Global ecology and biogeography 25 (7), 769-780, 2016
De novo characterization of the gene-rich transcriptomes of two color-polymorphic spiders, Theridion grallator and T. californicum (Araneae: Theridiidae), with …
PJP Croucher, MS Brewer, CJ Winchell, GS Oxford, RG Gillespie
BMC genomics 14, 1-18, 2013
Repeated diversification of ecomorphs in Hawaiian stick spiders
RG Gillespie, SP Benjamin, MS Brewer, MAJ Rivera, GK Roderick
Current Biology 28 (6), 941-947. e3, 2018
Ordinal-level phylogenomics of the arthropod class Diplopoda (millipedes) based on an analysis of 221 nuclear protein-coding loci generated using next-generation sequence analyses
MS Brewer, JE Bond
PLoS One 8 (11), e79935, 2013
Transcriptomic signatures for ovulation in vertebrates
DT Liu, MS Brewer, S Chen, W Hong, Y Zhu
General and comparative endocrinology 247, 74-86, 2017
Step-wise evolution of complex chemical defenses in millipedes: a phylogenomic approach
J Rodriguez, TH Jones, P Sierwald, PE Marek, WA Shear, MS Brewer, ...
Scientific Reports 8 (1), 3209, 2018
Phylogenetics of the millipede genus Brachycybe Wood, 1864 (Diplopoda: Platydesmida: Andrognathidae): Patterns of deep evolutionary history and recent speciation
MS Brewer, CL Spruill, NS Rao, JE Bond
Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 64 (1), 232-242, 2012
Shifting habitats, morphology, and selective pressures: developmental polyphenism in an adaptive radiation of Hawaiian spiders
MS Brewer, RA Carter, PJP Croucher, RG Gillespie
Evolution 69 (1), 162-178, 2015
Phylogeny and classification of the trapdoor spider genus Myrmekiaphila: an integrative approach to evaluating taxonomic hypotheses
AL Bailey, MS Brewer, BE Hendrixson, JE Bond
Plos one 5 (9), e12744, 2010
V Fet, MS Brewer, ME Soleglad, DPA Neff
Boletin Sociedad Entomologica Aragonesa 1 (38), 269-278, 2006
Laterobasal aculear serrations (LAS) in scorpion family Vaejovidae (Scorpiones: Chactoidea)
V Fet, ME Soleglad, MS Brewer
Euscorpius 2006 (45), 1-19, 2006
Arthropod phylogenetics in light of three novel millipede (Myriapoda: Diplopoda) mitochondrial genomes with comments on the appropriateness of mitochondrial genome sequence …
MS Brewer, L Swafford, CL Spruill, JE Bond
PLoS One 8 (7), e68005, 2013
TOXIFY: a deep learning approach to classify animal venom proteins
TJ Cole, MS Brewer
PeerJ 7, e7200, 2019
Co-occurrence of ecologically similar species of Hawaiian spiders reveals critical early phase of adaptive radiation
DD Cotoras, K Bi, MS Brewer, DR Lindberg, S Prost, RG Gillespie
BMC Evolutionary Biology 18 (1), 1-13, 2018
Stepping‐stones across space and time: repeated radiation of Pacific flightless broad‐nosed weevils (Coleoptera: Curculionidae: Entiminae: Rhyncogonus)
EM Claridge, RG Gillespie, MS Brewer, GK Roderick
Journal of Biogeography 44 (4), 784-796, 2017
New sequencing technologies, the development of genomics tools, and their applications in evolutionary arachnology
MS Brewer, DD Cotoras, PJP Croucher, RG Gillespie
The Journal of Arachnology 42 (1), 1-15, 2014
Diversity and function of fungi associated with the fungivorous millipede, Brachycybe lecontii
AM Macias, PE Marek, EM Morrissey, MS Brewer, DPG Short, CM Stauder, ...
Fungal ecology 41, 187-197, 2019
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