Christopher G. Healey
Christopher G. Healey
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Attention and visual memory in visualization and computer graphics
C Healey, J Enns
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Choosing effective colours for data visualization
CG Healey
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Building Attack Scenarios through Integration of Complementary Alert Correlation Method.
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CG Healey, L Tateosian, JT Enns, M Remple
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Perception in visualization
CG Healey
Retrieved February 10, 2008, 2007
Building perceptual textures to visualize multidimensional datasets
CG Healey, JT Enns
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The influence of ocean currents on latitude of landfall and migration speed of sockeye salmon returning to the Fraser River
KA Thomson, WJ Ingraham, MC Healey, PH LeBlond, C Groot, ...
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Perception and painting: A search for effective, engaging visualizations
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MN Phadke, L Pinto, O Alabi, J Harter, RM Taylor II, X Wu, H Petersen, ...
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Effective visualization of temporal ensembles
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A comparison of immersive HMD, fish tank VR and fish tank with haptics displays for volume visualization
W Qi, RM Taylor, CG Healey, JB Martens
Proceedings of the 3rd Symposium on Applied Perception in Graphics and …, 2006
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