Antonio Ginart
Antonio Ginart
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Systems and methods for predicting failure of electronic systems and assessing level of degradation and remaining useful life
PW Kalgren, AE Ginart, S Nanduri, AJ Boodhansingh, CS Byington, ...
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Turn-off time as an early indicator of insulated gate bipolar transistor latch-up
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3-D coil positioning based on magnetic sensing for wireless EV charging
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Online ringing characterization as a diagnostic technique for IGBTs in power drives
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High starting torque for AC SCR controller
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Application of prognostic health management in digital electronic systems
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Switching strategies for fault tolerant operation of single DC-link dual converters
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Analysis of the class AD audio amplifier including hysteresis effects
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Misalignment effect on efficiency of wireless power transfer for electric vehicles
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Modeling aging effects of IGBTs in power drives by ringing characterization
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Automated feature selection for embeddable prognostic and health monitoring (PHM) architectures
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2006 IEEE autotestcon, 195-201, 2006
The operation of a stand-alone, single-phase induction generator using a single-phase, pulse-width modulated inverter with a battery supply
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Improving digital system diagnostics through prognostic and health management (PHM) technology
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Safety and efficiency of the wireless charging of electric vehicles
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On-line ringing characterization as a PHM technique for power drives and electrical machinery
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Self-evolution in knowledge bases
I Barlas, A Ginart, JL Dorrity
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Residential battery storage: Is the timing right?
C Restrepo, A Salazar, H Schweizer, A Ginart
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Transistor diagnostic strategies and extended operation under one-transistor trigger suppression in inverter power drives
AE Ginart, PW Kalgren, MJ Roemer, DW Brown, M Abbas
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Turn-off time as a precursor for gate bipolar transistor latch-up faults in electric motor drives
D Brown, M Abbas, A Ginart, I Ali, P Kalgren, G Vachtsevanos
Annual Conference of the PHM Society 2 (1), 2010
power electronic converters and systems: frontiers and applications
AM Trzynadlowski
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