Hu Xiong
Hu Xiong
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An efficient certificateless aggregate signature with constant pairing computations
H Xiong, Z Guan, Z Chen, F Li
Information Sciences 219, 225-235, 2013
Revocable and scalable certificateless remote authentication protocol with anonymity for wireless body area networks
H Xiong, Z Qin
IEEE transactions on information forensics and security 10 (7), 1442-1455, 2015
Security and privacy in IoT-cloud-based e-health systems—A comprehensive review
C Butpheng, KH Yeh, H Xiong
Symmetry 12 (7), 1191, 2020
Cost-Effective Scalable and Anonymous Certificateless Remote Authentication Protocol
H Xiong
IEEE Transactions on Information Forensics and Security 9 (12), 2327-2339, 2014
On the design of blockchain-based ECDSA with fault-tolerant batch verification protocol for blockchain-enabled IoMT
H Xiong, C Jin, M Alazab, KH Yeh, H Wang, TR Gadekallu, W Wang, C Su
IEEE journal of biomedical and health informatics 26 (5), 1977-1986, 2021
Efficient certificateless aggregate signature with conditional privacy preservation in IoV
Q Mei, H Xiong, J Chen, M Yang, S Kumari, MK Khan
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Attribute-based privacy-preserving data sharing for dynamic groups in cloud computing
H Xiong, H Zhang, J Sun
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Partially policy-hidden attribute-based broadcast encryption with secure delegation in edge computing
H Xiong, Y Zhao, L Peng, H Zhang, KH Yeh
Future Generation Computer Systems 97, 453-461, 2019
A survey of proxy re-encryption for secure data sharing in cloud computing
Z Qin, H Xiong, S Wu, J Batamuliza
IEEE Transactions on Services Computing, 2016
Chaintegrity: blockchain-enabled large-scale e-voting system with robustness and universal verifiability
S Zhang, L Wang, H Xiong
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Efficient and provably secure certificateless parallel key-insulated signature without pairing for IIoT environments
H Xiong, Q Mei, Y Zhao
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Ciphertext-policy attribute-based encryption with delegated equality test in cloud computing
Q Wang, L Peng, H Xiong, J Sun, Z Qin
IEEE Access 6, 760-771, 2017
Efficient and spontaneous privacy-preserving protocol for secure vehicular communication
H Xiong, K Beznosov, Z Qin, M Ripeanu
2010 IEEE International Conference on Communications, 1-6, 2010
An improved certificateless signature scheme secure in the standard model
H Xiong, Z Qin, F Li
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Lightweight and privacy-aware fine-grained access control for IoT-oriented smart health
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A secure and privacy-preserving mobile wallet with outsourced verification in cloud computing
Z Qin, J Sun, A Wahaballa, W Zheng, H Xiong, Z Qin
Computer Standards & Interfaces 54, 55-60, 2017
Heterogeneous signcryption with equality test for IIoT environment
H Xiong, Y Zhao, Y Hou, X Huang, C Jin, L Wang, S Kumari
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Cryptanalysis and improvements of an anonymous multi-receiver identity-based encryption scheme
H Wang, Y Zhang, H Xiong, B Qin
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Efficient and privacy-preserving authentication protocol for heterogeneous systems in IIoT
H Xiong, Y Wu, C Jin, S Kumari
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Server-aided attribute-based signature supporting expressive access structures for industrial internet of things
H Xiong, Y Bao, X Nie, YI Asoor
IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics 16 (2), 1013-1023, 2019
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