Matthew Plumlee
Matthew Plumlee
Lecturer of Computer Science, University of New Hampshire
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Zooming versus multiple window interfaces: Cognitive costs of visual comparisons
MD Plumlee, C Ware
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Visualizing the underwater behavior of humpback whales
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An evaluation of methods for linking 3D views
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Fusing information in a 3D Chart-of-the-Future display
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Linking audio and visual information while navigating in a virtual reality kiosk display
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Haptic interface for center-of-workspace interaction
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Predictive displays for survey vessels
B Sullivan, C Ware, M Plumlee
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A system for real-time spatio-temporal 3-d data visualization in underwater robotic exploration
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The CCOM Chart of the Future Project: Maximizing Mariner Effectiveness Through Fusion of Marine & Visualization Technologies
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Cognitive costs of zooming versus using multiple windows
M Plumlee, C Ware
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Visualization Techniques to Support Monitoring and Control of Autonomous Platforms
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Frame of Reference Interaction.
MD Plumlee, C Ware
Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), 2002
Towards a Distributed Realization of Dynamic Virtual Locality in the NOW Setting
P de la Torre, MD Plumlee
DIMACS Workshop on Networks in Distributed Computing, 1997
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