Jeroen Rouwkema
Jeroen Rouwkema
Associate professor at University of Twente, TechMed Centre
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Engineering vascularized skeletal muscle tissue
S Levenberg, J Rouwkema, M Macdonald, ES Garfein, DS Kohane, ...
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Analysis of the dynamics of bone formation, effect of cell seeding density, and potential of allogeneic cells in cell-based bone tissue engineering in goats
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Tissue Engineering: Advancing Tissue Engineering: A Tale of Nano‐, Micro‐, and Macroscale Integration (Small 16/2016)
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Bioengineered 3D models to recapitulate tissue fibrosis
M Sacchi, R Bansal, J Rouwkema
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Engineering photocrosslinkable bicomponent hydrogel constructs for creating 3D vascularized bone
M Kazemzadeh‐Narbat, J Rouwkema, N Annabi, H Cheng, M Ghaderi, ...
Advanced healthcare materials 6 (10), 1601122, 2017
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