Catrin F Williams
Catrin F Williams
Ser Cymru II Research Fellow
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Comparative analysis of intestinal tract models
CF Williams, GE Walton, L Jiang, S Plummer, I Garaiova, GR Gibson
Annual review of food science and technology 6, 329-350, 2015
Contribution of spores to the ability of Clostridium difficile to adhere to surfaces
LT Joshi, DS Phillips, CF Williams, A Alyousef, L Baillie
Applied and environmental microbiology 78 (21), 7671-7679, 2012
Increase in scarlet fever notifications in the United Kingdom, 2013/2014
R Guy, C Williams, N Irvine, A Reynolds, J Coelho, V Saliba, D Thomas, ...
Eurosurveillance 19 (12), 20749, 2014
Biologically compatible, phosphorescent dimetallic rhenium complexes linked through functionalized alkyl chains: syntheses, spectroscopic properties, and applications in …
RG Balasingham, FL Thorp-Greenwood, CF Williams, MP Coogan, ...
Inorganic Chemistry 51 (3), 1419-1426, 2012
Gold (I) complexes derived from alkynyloxy-substituted anthraquinones: Syntheses, luminescence, preliminary cytotoxicity, and cell imaging studies
RG Balasingham, CF Williams, HJ Mottram, MP Coogan, SJA Pope
Organometallics 31 (16), 5835-5843, 2012
Bioconjugated rhenium (I) complexes with amino acid derivatives: synthesis, photophysical properties, and cell imaging studies
V Fernández-Moreira, ML Ortego, CF Williams, MP Coogan, ...
Organometallics 31 (16), 5950-5957, 2012
Effect of garlic and allium-derived products on the growth and metabolism of< i> Spironucleus vortens</i>
COM Millet, D Lloyd, C Williams, D Williams, G Evans, RA Saunders, ...
Experimental parasitology 127 (2), 490-499, 2011
Spironucleus species: economically-important fish pathogens and enigmatic single-celled eukaryotes
CF Williams, D Lloyd, SL Poynton, A Jorgensen, COM Millet, J Cable
J Aquac Res Development S 2, 002, 2011
JB Court, AJ Hayes, D. Lloyd and MP Coogan
FL Thorp-Greenwood, V Fernández-Moreira, CO Millet, CF Williams, ...
Chem. Commun 47 (3096), e3098, 2011
Uptake and localisation of rhenium fac-tricarbonyl polypyridyls in fluorescent cell imaging experiments
V Fernández-Moreira, FL Thorp-Greenwood, AJ Amoroso, J Cable, ...
Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry 8 (17), 3888-3901, 2010
Redox pathways as drug targets in microaerophilic parasites
D Leitsch, CF Williams, I Hrdý
Trends in parasitology 34 (7), 576-589, 2018
Disrupted intracellular redox balance of the diplomonad fish parasite< i> Spironucleus vortens</i> by 5-nitroimidazoles and garlic-derived compounds
CF Williams, D Lloyd, D Kolarich, K Alagesan, M Duchêne, J Cable, ...
Veterinary parasitology 190 (1), 62-73, 2012
Water soluble, cyclometalated Pt (II)–Ln (III) conjugates towards novel bimodal imaging agents
OJ Stacey, AJ Amoroso, JA Platts, PN Horton, SJ Coles, D Lloyd, ...
Chemical communications 51 (61), 12305-12308, 2015
Fluorescent functionalised naphthalimides and their Au (I)–NHC complexes for potential use in cellular bioimaging
LM Groves, CF Williams, AJ Hayes, BD Ward, MD Isaacs, NO Symonds, ...
Dalton Transactions 48 (5), 1599-1612, 2019
Luminescent 1,8‐Naphthalimide‐Derived ReI Complexes: Syntheses, Spectroscopy, X‐ray Structure and Preliminary Bioimaging in Fission Yeast Cells
EE Langdon‐Jones, CF Williams, AJ Hayes, D Lloyd, SJ Coles, ...
European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry 2017 (44), 5279-5287, 2017
Mitochondria-derived organelles in the diplomonad fish parasite< i> Spironucleus vortens</i>
COM Millet, CF Williams, AJ Hayes, AC Hann, J Cable, D Lloyd
Experimental parasitology 135 (2), 262-273, 2013
Comparative biochemistry of< i> Giardia</i>,< i> Hexamita</i> and< i> Spironucleus</i>: Enigmatic diplomonads
D Lloyd, CF Williams
Molecular and biochemical parasitology 197 (1), 43-49, 2014
Simple polyphenyl zirconium and hafnium metallocene room-temperature lumophores for cell imaging
VE Pritchard, FL Thorp-Greenwood, RG Balasingham, CF Williams, ...
Organometallics 32 (12), 3566-3569, 2013
In vitro culture of the diplomonad fish parasite Spironucleus vortens reveals unusually fast doubling time and atypical biphasic growth
CO Millet, D Lloyd, CF Williams, J Cable
Journal of Fish Diseases 34 (1), 71-73, 2011
Antioxidant defences of< i> Spironucleus vortens</i>: Glutathione is the major non-protein thiol
CF Williams, N Yarlett, MA Aon, D Lloyd
Molecular and biochemical parasitology 196 (1), 45-52, 2014
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