Dror Seliktar
Dror Seliktar
Technion, Biomedical Engineering
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Designing cell-compatible hydrogels for biomedical applications
D Seliktar
Science 336 (6085), 1124-1128, 2012
Dynamic mechanical conditioning of collagen-gel blood vessel constructs induces remodeling in vitro
D Seliktar, RA Black, RP Vito, RM Nerem
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Biosynthetic hydrogel scaffolds made from fibrinogen and polyethylene glycol for 3D cell cultures
L Almany, D Seliktar
Biomaterials 26 (15), 2467-2477, 2005
Vascular tissue engineering
RM Nerem, D Seliktar
Annual review of biomedical engineering 3 (1), 225-243, 2001
MMP‐2 sensitive, VEGF‐bearing bioactive hydrogels for promotion of vascular healing
D Seliktar, AH Zisch, MP Lutolf, JL Wrana, JA Hubbell
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Photopolymerization of cell-encapsulating hydrogels: crosslinking efficiency versus cytotoxicity
I Mironi-Harpaz, DY Wang, S Venkatraman, D Seliktar
Acta biomaterialia 8 (5), 1838-1848, 2012
Self-assembled Fmoc-peptides as a platform for the formation of nanostructures and hydrogels
R Orbach, L Adler-Abramovich, S Zigerson, I Mironi-Harpaz, D Seliktar, ...
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pH-stimulated DNA hydrogels exhibiting shape-memory properties.
W Guo, CH Lu, R Orbach, F Wang, XJ Qi, A Cecconello, D Seliktar, ...
Advanced Materials (Deerfield Beach, Fla.) 27 (1), 73-78, 2014
A multi-cellular 3D bioprinting approach for vascularized heart tissue engineering based on HUVECs and iPSC-derived cardiomyocytes
F Maiullari, M Costantini, M Milan, V Pace, M Chirivì, S Maiullari, A Rainer, ...
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The effect of structural alterations of PEG-fibrinogen hydrogel scaffolds on 3-D cellular morphology and cellular migration
D Dikovsky, H Bianco-Peled, D Seliktar
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Microfluidic-enhanced 3D bioprinting of aligned myoblast-laden hydrogels leads to functionally organized myofibers in vitro and in vivo
M Costantini, S Testa, P Mozetic, A Barbetta, C Fuoco, E Fornetti, ...
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Synthetic biodegradable polymer scaffolds
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Differential response of adult and embryonic mesenchymal progenitor cells to mechanical compression in hydrogels
V Terraciano, N Hwang, L Moroni, HB Park, Z Zhang, J Mizrahi, D Seliktar, ...
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Mechanical strain-stimulated remodeling of tissue-engineered blood vessel constructs
D Seliktar, RM Nerem, ZS Galis
Tissue engineering 9 (4), 657-666, 2003
The role of matrix metalloproteinase-2 in the remodeling of cell-seeded vascular constructs subjected to cyclic strain
D Seliktar, RM Nerem, ZS Galis
Annals of biomedical engineering 29, 923-934, 2001
Regenerative medicine as applied to solid organ transplantation: current status and future challenges
G Orlando, P Baptista, M Birchall, P De Coppi, A Farney, ...
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The rheological and structural properties of Fmoc-peptide-based hydrogels: the effect of aromatic molecular architecture on self-assembly and physical characteristics
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Application of shear flow stress to chondrocytes or chondrocyte stem cells to produce cartilage
D Seliktar, N Dunkelman, AE Peterson, RE Schreiber, J Willoughby, ...
US Patent 5,928,945, 1999
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