Lucretia E Olson
Lucretia E Olson
Rocky Mountain Research Station, U.S. Forest Service
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Coupled dynamics of body mass and population growth in response to environmental change
A Ozgul, DZ Childs, MK Oli, KB Armitage, DT Blumstein, LE Olson, ...
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Combining resource selection and movement behavior to predict corridors for Canada lynx at their southern range periphery
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Heritability of anti‐predatory traits: vigilance and locomotor performance in marmots
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Functional responses in habitat selection: clarifying hypotheses and interpretations
JD Holbrook, LE Olson, NJ DeCesare, M Hebblewhite, JR Squires, ...
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Understanding and predicting habitat for wildlife conservation: the case of Canada lynx at the range periphery
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A trait-based approach to understand the evolution of complex coalitions in male mammals
LE Olson, DT Blumstein
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No evidence of inbreeding avoidance despite demonstrated survival costs in a polygynous rodent
LE Olson, DT Blumstein, JR Pollinger, RK Wayne
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Modeling the effects of dispersal and patch size on predicted fisher (Pekania [Martes] pennanti) distribution in the US Rocky Mountains
LE Olson, JD Sauder, NM Albrecht, RS Vinkey, SA Cushman, ...
Biological Conservation 169, 89-98, 2014
Modeling large-scale winter recreation terrain selection with implications for recreation management and wildlife
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Spatiotemporal variation in reproductive parameters of yellow-bellied marmots
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Multiscale habitat relationships of snowshoe hares (Lepus americanus) in the mixed conifer landscape of the Northern Rockies, USA: Cross‐scale effects of …
JD Holbrook, JR Squires, LE Olson, RL Lawrence, SL Savage
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Using environmental features to model highway crossing behavior of Canada lynx in the Southern Rocky Mountains
PE Baigas, JR Squires, LE Olson, JS Ivan, EK Roberts
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Human‐made structures, vegetation, and weather influence ferruginous hawk breeding performance
ZP Wallace, PL Kennedy, JR Squires, LE Olson, RJ Oakleaf
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Does zoning winter recreationists reduce recreation conflict?
AD Miller, JJ Vaske, JR Squires, LE Olson, EK Roberts
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Estimating detection probability for Canada lynx Lynx canadensis using snow‐track surveys in the northern Rocky Mountains, Montana, USA
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Applying the coalitionary-traits metric: sociality without cooperation in male yellow-bellied marmots
LE Olson, DT Blumstein
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Shifts in forest structure in Northwest Montana from 1972 to 2015 using the Landsat archive from multispectral scanner to operational land imager
SL Savage, RL Lawrence, JR Squires, JD Holbrook, LE Olson, ...
Forests 9 (4), 157, 2018
Re-occupancy of breeding territories by Ferruginous Hawks in Wyoming: Relationships to environmental and anthropogenic factors
ZP Wallace, PL Kennedy, JR Squires, RJ Oakleaf, LE Olson, KM Dugger
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Management of forests and forest carnivores: relating landscape mosaics to habitat quality of Canada lynx at their range periphery
JD Holbrook, JR Squires, B Bollenbacher, R Graham, LE Olson, ...
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Nesting Pair Density and Abundance of Ferruginous Hawks (Buteo regalis) and Golden Eagles (Aquila chrysaetos) from Aerial Surveys in Wyoming
LE Olson, RJ Oakleaf, JR Squires, ZP Wallace, PL Kennedy
Journal of Raptor Research 49 (4), 400-412, 2015
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