Jane E. Williamson
Jane E. Williamson
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ENCORE: the effect of nutrient enrichment on coral reefs. Synthesis of results and conclusions
K Koop, D Booth, A Broadbent, J Brodie, D Bucher, D Capone, J Coll, ...
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Oceanic variability and coastal topography shape genetic structure in a long‐dispersing sea urchin
SC Banks, MP Piggott, JE Williamson, U Bové, NJ Holbrook, ...
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Trophic transfer of microplastics does not affect fish personality
L Tosetto, JE Williamson, C Brown
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It pays to cheat: tactical deception in a cephalopod social signalling system
C Brown, MP Garwood, JE Williamson
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Individual variability in reproductive success determines winners and losers under ocean acidification: a case study with sea urchins
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Microplastics on beaches: ingestion and behavioural consequences for beachhoppers
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Genetic structure of a recent climate change‐driven range extension
SC Banks, SD Ling, CR Johnson, MP Piggott, JE Williamson, ...
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M Byrne, TAA Prowse, MA Sewell, S Dworjanyn, JE Williamson, ...
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Induction of metamorphosis in the sea urchin Holopneustes purpurascens by a metabolite complex from the algal host Delisea pulchra
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The drone revolution of shark science: A review
PA Butcher, AP Colefax, RA Gorkin III, SM Kajiura, NA López, J Mourier, ...
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Availability of two forms of dissolved nitrogen to the coral Pocillopora damicornis and its symbiotic zooxanthellae
O Hoegh-Guldberg, J Williamson
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GoPros™ as an underwater photogrammetry tool for citizen science
V Raoult, PA David, SF Dupont, CP Mathewson, SJ O’Neill, NN Powell, ...
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The potential impact of ocean acidification upon eggs and larvae of yellowfin tuna (Thunnus albacares)
D Bromhead, V Scholey, S Nicol, D Margulies, J Wexler, M Stein, S Hoyle, ...
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Drone-based high-resolution tracking of aquatic vertebrates
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JE Williamson, DG Carson, R De Nys, PD Steinberg
Ecology 85 (5), 1355-1371, 2004
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