Achilleas Psyllidis
Achilleas Psyllidis
Assistant Professor, Delft University of Technology (TU Delft)
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A platform for urban analytics and semantic data integration in city planning
A Psyllidis, A Bozzon, S Bocconi, C Titos Bolivar
Computer-Aided Architectural Design Futures. The Next City-New Technologies …, 2015
Social glass: A platform for urban analytics and decision-making through heterogeneous social data
S Bocconi, A Bozzon, A Psyllidis, C Titos Bolivar, GJ Houben
Proceedings of the 24th International Conference on World Wide Web, 175-178, 2015
Assessing the influence of point-of-interest features on the classification of place categories
V Milias, A Psyllidis
Computers, Environment and Urban Systems 86, 101597, 2021
Points of Interest (POI): a commentary on the state of the art, challenges, and prospects for the future
A Psyllidis, S Gao, Y Hu, EK Kim, G McKenzie, R Purves, M Yuan, ...
Computational Urban Science 2 (1), 20, 2022
Ontology-based data integration from heterogeneous urban systems: A knowledge representation framework for smart cities
A Psyllidis
Proceedings of the 14th International Conference on Computers in Urban …, 2015
Regionalization of social interactions and points-of-interest location prediction with geosocial data
A Psyllidis, J Yang, A Bozzon
IEEE Access 6, 34334-34353, 2018
Early environmental quality and life-course mental health effects: The Equal-Life project
I Van Kamp, KP Waye, K Kanninen, J Gulliver, A Bozzon, A Psyllidis, ...
Environmental Epidemiology 6 (1), e183, 2022
Crowd-mapping urban objects from street-level imagery
S Qiu, A Psyllidis, A Bozzon, GJ Houben
The world wide web conference, 1521-1531, 2019
Revisiting Urban Dynamics through Social Urban Data: Methods and tools for data integration, visualization, and exploratory analysis to understand the spatiotemporal dynamics …
A Psyllidis
Digital Architecture, 0
Ontology-based integration of urban sustainability indicators
E Massaro, A Athanassiadis, A Psyllidis, CR Binder, R Wyss
Sustainability Assessment of Urban Systems, 332-350, 2020
Chatbots as conversational recommender systems in urban contexts
P Kucherbaev, A Psyllidis, A Bozzon
Proceedings of the International Workshop on Recommender Systems for …, 2017
Detecting, classifying, and mapping retail storefronts using street-level imagery
S Sharifi Noorian, S Qiu, A Psyllidis, A Bozzon, GJ Houben
Proceedings of the 2020 international conference on multimedia retrieval …, 2020
Measuring children's and adolescents' accessibility to greenspaces from different locations and commuting settings
R Teeuwen, A Psyllidis, A Bozzon
Computers, Environment and Urban Systems 100, 101912, 2023
Measuring spatial age segregation through the lens of co-accessibility to urban activities
V Milias, A Psyllidis
Computers, Environment and Urban Systems 95, 101829, 2022
OSMoSys: a web interface for graph-based rdf data visualization and ontology browsing
A Psyllidis
Engineering the Web in the Big Data Era: 15th International Conference, ICWE …, 2015
Harnessing heterogeneous social data to explore, monitor, and visualize urban dynamics
A Psyllidis, A Bozzon, S Bocconi, C Titos Bolivar
Proceedings of the 14th international conference on computers in urban …, 2015
St-sem: A multimodal method for points-of-interest classification using street-level imagery
SS Noorian, A Psyllidis, A Bozzon
International Conference on Web Engineering, 32-46, 2019
Cities and infectious diseases: Assessing the exposure of pedestrians to virus transmission along city streets
A Psyllidis, F Duarte, R Teeuwen, A Salazar Miranda, T Benson, ...
Urban Studies 60 (9), 1610-1628, 2023
Social smart meter: Identifying energy consumption behavior in user-generated content
A Mauri, A Psyllidis, A Bozzon
Companion Proceedings of the The Web Conference 2018, 195-198, 2018
OntoPolis©: A Semantic Participatory Platform for Performance Assessment and Augmentation of Urban Environments
A Psyllidis, N Biloria
2014 International Conference on Intelligent Environments, 140-147, 2014
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