Živana Komlenov Mudrinski, M.Sc.
Živana Komlenov Mudrinski, M.Sc.
Faculty of Science, University of Novi Sad, Serbia
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Usability and Privacy Aspects of Moodle: Students' and Teachers' Perspective
M Ivanović, Z Putnik, Ž Komlenov, T Welzer, M Hölbl, T Schweighofer
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Introducing adaptivity features to a regular learning management system to support creation of advanced elessons
Z Komlenov, Z Budimac, M Ivanovic
Informatics in Education 9 (1), 63-80, 2010
Experiences and privacy issues – usage of Moodle in Serbia and Slovenia
M Ivanovic, T Welzer, Z Putnik, M Hölbl, Z Komlenov, I Pribela, ...
12th Interactive Computer Aided Learning (ICL2009), Villach, Austria …, 2009
Wiki Usage in Team Assignments for Computer Science Students
Z Putnik, Z Budimac, Z Komlenov, M Ivanovic, K Bothe
12th International Conference on Computer Systems and Technologies …, 2011
Wiki as a Tool of Choice for Students’ Team Assignments
Z Komlenov, Z Budimac, Z Putnik, M Ivanovic
International Journal of Information Systems and Social Change 4 (3), 1-16, 2013
Team Formation Process Automatization
Ž Komlenov, Z Budimac, M Ivanović, K Bothe
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Introducing Adaptivity to eLessons to Enhance Student Learning
Z Komlenov, Z Budimac, M Ivanovic
7th European Conference on e-Learning (ECEL 2008), Agia Napa, Cyprus …, 2008
Usage of Technology Enhanced Educational Tools for Delivering Programming Courses
M Ivanović, S Xinogalos, Ž Komlenov
International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning (iJET) 6 (4), pp …, 2011
Supporting Person-Centered Learning: Does the Choice of the Learning Management System Matter? – A case study with Moodle, Fronter and CEWebS
O Comber, R Motschnig, Z Komlenov
1st IEEE Engineering Education Conference (EDUCON 2010), Madrid, Spain …, 2010
Experiences with the Use of Moodle in Serbia and Slovenia
M Ivanovic, Z Komlenov, T Welzer, M Hölbl, T Schweighofer
Proceedings of the 6th International Conference "New Horizons in Industry …, 2009
Web-based Course-supporting and eLearning System for Courses in Informatics
Z Budimac, M Ivanovic, Z Putnik, Z Komlenov, I Pribela
WUS Austria eLearning Conference: eLearning Toward Effective Education and …, 2007
Encouraging Teamwork, Web 2.0 and Social Networking Elements in Distance Learning
M Ivanović, Z Budimac, Z Putnik, Ž Komlenov
Overcoming Challenges in Software Engineering Education: Delivering Non …, 2014
E-learning at the Department of Mathematics and Informatics – From the First Steps to Elements of Web 2.0
Z Budimac, M Ivanovic, Z Putnik, Z Komlenov, I Pribel, A Klasnja-Milicevic, ...
E-learning on Its Way to the Society of Knowledge, Belgrade, Serbia …, 2010
On Creating Adaptive eLessons with Improved Navigational Features
Z Komlenov, Z Budimac
XVII Conference on Applied Mathematics “PRIM 2006”, Kragujevac, Serbia …, 2006
The Importance of Adapting Online Courses to a Mobile Environment
Ž Komlenov, U Marjanović, I Žunić
New Technologies in Teaching - 22nd Conference "Trends of Development …, 2016
Technology Enhanced Learning for Programming Courses – Experiences and Comparison
M Ivanovic, Z Komlenov, S Xinogalos
14th International Conference on Interactive Collaborative Learning (ICL2011 …, 2011
Software system for e-publishing in medical domain
Z Bodroski, S Skrbic, Z Komlenov, M Ivanovic
12th International Conference on Computer Systems and Technologies …, 2011
Empowering electronic courses by introducing collaborative activities – A case study: Introductory eBusiness eCourse for students of Computer Science
Z Komlenov, D Pesovic, Z Budimac
13th International Conference on Interactive Computer Aided Learning …, 2010
Creating the Strategic Edtech Enviroment at the University of Novi Sad
U Marjanović, M Kerac, Ž Komlenov Mudrinski, B Bogojević, D Gojić
Innovations in Modern Education – 26th Conference “Trends of Development …, 2020
An Example of a Successful Inclusion of Teamwork and Web 2.0 Elements in Teaching Practice
M Ivanović, Z Budimac, Z Putnik, Ž Komlenov Mudrinski
International Journal of Quality Assurance in Engineering and Technology …, 2016
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