Cyrille Briand
Cyrille Briand
LAAS-CNRS, UT3 - Paul Sabatier
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A robust approach for the single machine scheduling problem
C Briand, HT La, J Erschler
Journal of Scheduling 10, 209-221, 2007
Nash equilibria for the multi-agent project scheduling problem with controllable processing times
A Agnetis, C Briand, JC Billaut, P Šůcha
Journal of Scheduling 18, 15-27, 2015
A new sufficient condition of optimality for the two-machine flowshop problem
C Briand, HT La, J Erschler
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Fast HOG based person detection devoted to a mobile robot with a spherical camera
AA Mekonnen, C Briand, F Lerasle, A Herbulot
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The truck scheduling problem at cross-docking terminals
L Berghman, C Briand, R Leus, P Lopez
International Conference on Project Management and Scheduling (PMS 2012), 4p., 2012
The truck scheduling problem at crossdocking terminals-exclusive versus mixed mode
L Berghman, C Briand, R Leus, P Lopez
4th international conference on operations research and enterprise systems …, 2015
Scheduling with time lags and preferences: A heuristic
C Briand, E Despontin, F Roubellat
8th workshop on Project Management and Scheduling, Valencia, 3-5, 2002
An efficient ILP formulation for the single machine scheduling problem
C Briand, S Ourari, B Bouzouia
RAIRO-Operations Research-Recherche Opérationnelle 44 (1), 61-71, 2010
Finding an optimal Nash equilibrium to the multi-agent project scheduling problem
C Briand, SU Ngueveu, P Šůcha
Journal of Scheduling 20, 475-491, 2017
Minimizing the number of tardy jobs for the single machine scheduling problem: MIP-based lower and upper bounds
C Briand, S Ourari
RAIRO-Operations Research 47 (1), 33-46, 2013
Complexity of flow time minimization in a crossdock truck scheduling problem with asymmetric handover relations
Q Fabry, A Agnetis, L Berghman, C Briand
Operations Research Letters 50 (1), 50-56, 2022
A matheuristic with fixed-sequence reoptimization for a real-life inventory routing problem
Y He, C Artigues, C Briand, N Jozefowiez, SU Ngueveu
Transportation Science 54 (2), 355-374, 2020
People detection with heterogeneous features and explicit optimization on computation time
AA Mekonnen, F Lerasle, A Herbulot, C Briand
2014 22nd International Conference on Pattern Recognition, 4322-4327, 2014
Approches par contraintes pour l'ordonnancement robuste
C Briand, MJ Huguet, HT La, P Lopez
Flexibilité et Robustesse en Ordonnancement sous la direction de JC. Billaut …, 2004
Pilotage d'atelier basé sur un ordonnancement flexible
C Artigues, C Briand, MC Portmann, F Roubellat
Méthodes du pilotage des systèmes de production, 61-97, 2002
Energy-efficient planning for supplying assembly lines with vehicles
C Briand, Y He, SU Ngueveu
EURO Journal on Transportation and Logistics 7, 387-414, 2018
De l'ordonnancement déterministe à l'ordannancement distribué sous incertitudes
S Ourari
Université Paul Sabatier-Toulouse III, 2011
The resource-constrained activity insertion problem with minimum and maximum time lags
C Artigues, C Briand
Journal of Scheduling 12 (5), 447-460, 2009
Eco-efficient management of a feeding system in an automobile assembly-line
MA Miranda, MJ Alvarez, C Briand, M Urenda Moris, V Rodríguez
Journal of Modelling in Management 16 (2), 464-485, 2021
The multiagent project scheduling problem: complexity of finding a minimum-makespan Nash equilibrium
C Briand, A Agnetis, J Billaut
In Proceedings of the 13th International Conference on Project Management …, 2012
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