Nicholas Gladstone
Nicholas Gladstone
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Spatiotemporal patterns of non-native terrestrial gastropods in the contiguous United States
NS Gladstone, TA Bordeau, C Leppanen, ML McKinney
NeoBiota 57, 133-152, 2020
Land snail dispersal, abundance and diversity on green roofs
ML McKinney, NS Gladstone, JG Lentz, FA Jackson
PLoS ONE 14 (11), e0221135, 2019
Subterranean freshwater gastropod biodiversity and conservation in the United States and Mexico
NS Gladstone, ML Niemiller, B Hutchins, B Schwartz, A Czaja, ME Slay, ...
Conservation Biology, 2021
Morphometrics and phylogeography of the cave-obligate land snail Helicodiscus barri (Gastropoda, Stylommatophora, Helicodiscidae)
NS Gladstone, ML Niemiller, EB Pieper, KE Dooley, ML McKinney
Subterranean Biology 30, 1-32, 2019
Biodiversity from caves and other subterranean habitats of Georgia, USA
KS Zigler, ML Niemiller, CDR Stephen, BN Ayala, MA Milne, ...
Journal of Cave and Karst Studies 82 (2), 125-167, 2020
Status and distribution of the cave-obligate land snails in the Appalachians and interior low plateau of the Eastern United States
NS Gladstone, ET Carter, ML McKinney, ML Niemiller
American Malacological Bulletin 36 (1), 62-78, 2018
A new species of stygobitic snail in the genus Antrorbis Hershler & Thompson, 1990 (Gastropoda, Cochliopidae) from the Appalachian Valley and Ridge of eastern Tennessee, USA
NS Gladstone, KE Perez, EB Pieper, ET Carter, KE Dooley, NF Shoobs, ...
ZooKeys 898, 103-120, 2019
Pushing barcodes to their limits: phylogenetic placement of Fontigens Pilsbry, 1933 (Caenogastropoda: Littorinimorpha: Truncatelloidea) and elevation of …
NS Gladstone, NV Whelan
Journal of Molluscan Studies 88 (1), eyab038, 2022
Discovery of the Blue Ridge Springsnail, Fontigens orolibas, Hubricht, 1957 (Gastropoda: Emmericiidae) in east Tennessee and its conservation implications
NS Gladstone, EB Pieper, SW Keenan, AT Paterson, ME Slay, K Dooley, ...
Freshwater Mollusk Biology and Conservation 24 (1), 34-42, 2021
Population genomics reveal low differentiation and complex demographic histories in a highly fragmented and endangered freshwater mussel
NS Gladstone, NL Garrison, T Lane, PD Johnson, J Garner, NV Whelan
Aquatic Conservation: Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems 32 (8), 1235-1248, 2022
A new maximum body size record for the Berry Cave Salamander (Gyrinophilus gulolineatus) and genus Gyrinophilus (Caudata, Plethodontidae) with a comment on body size in …
NS Gladstone, ET Carter, KDK Niemiller, LE Hayter, ML Niemiller
Subterranean Biology 28, 29-38, 2018
New surveys and reassessment of the conservation status of the Berry Cave Salamanders (Gyrinophilus gulolineatus)
ML Niemiller, ET Carter, LE Hayter, NS Gladstone
Technical Report - U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, 58, 2018
Using genomics, morphometrics, and environmental niche modeling to test the validity of a narrow-range endemic snail, Pateranantahala (Gastropoda, Polygyridae)
NV Whelan, EE Strong, NS Gladstone, JW Mays
ZooKeys 1158, 91, 2023
A remarkable new genus and species of subterranean freshwater snail from a recently dried-up spring of Viesca, Coahuila, Northern Mexico
A Czaja, NS Gladstone, JL Becerra-López, JL Estrada-Rodríguez, ...
Subterranean Biology 39, 129-141, 2021
Corrigendum to "Pushing barcodes to their limits: phylogenetic placement of Fontigens Pilsbry, 1933 (Caenogastropoda: Littorinimorpha: Truncatelloidea) and …
NS Gladstone, NV Whelan
Journal of Molluscan Studies 88 (1), eyac003, 2022
Population genomics and geospatial tools to inform management and research priorities for non-marine molluscs
NS Gladstone
Auburn University, 2022
Distribution, Ecology, Life History, and Conservation Status of the Berry Cave Salamander (Gyrinophilus gulolineatus)
ML Niemiller, ET Carter, NS Gladstone, K Niemiller, LE Hayter, AS Engel, ...
Herpetological Conservation and Biology (Online) 16 (3), 2021
The Land Snails and Slugs of Tennessee, USA: Taxonomic Composition, Distribution, and an Evaluation of State-Wide Spatial and Taxonomic Survey Biases
NS Gladstone, EB Pieper, BJ Dinkins, GR Dinkins, NV Whelan
American Malacological Bulletin 38 (2), 51-62, 2021
Assessment of genetic diversity, effective population size, and population connectivity of the threatened Painted Rocksnail (Leptoxis coosaensis) and Lacy Elimia (Elimia …
NS Gladstone, NV Whelan
Technical Report - U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, 17, 2021
Eurycea lucifuga (Cave Salamander). Diet.
NS Gladstone, TM Royalty, E Carter, ML Niemiller
Herpetological Review 51 (2), 2020
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